Our Riding Instructors


Lukas Karyanataufik Ibrahim (Roy Ibrahim) – Chief Riding Instructor


Chief Riding Instructor Roy Ibrahim is a Certified Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) Level 3 Coach with over 25 years of teaching experience all over the world. Roy's experience as a technical advisor for Coaching and Development in the Equestrian Federation of Singapore has helped many students advance to compete on both national and international levels, including prominent riders like Natalie Tan, Judith Lee, Audrey Njoto, and Alana Jamieson.


His broad expertise stems from his participation in the ASEAN Games and World Cup for Show Jumping as well as the SEA Games for Dressage and Eventing, and his biggest wish is for his students to compete on the same international stage.



  • Technical Expert in FEI Retraining Techniques of retired racehorses
  • Technical Expert in Equestrian Sport Educative Event
  • Awarded scholarship from Association of Summer Olympic International Federations FEI Solidary for the Coach Educator programme



Jessamine Ihrcke - Senior Riding Instructor and Equine Assisted Therapist 


Jessamine Ihrcke is a certified equestrian coach and credentialed mental health professional with over 10 years of teaching and equine-assisted therapy experience, both in Singapore and Hong Kong.


As an equestrian, she has competed in Dressage, Showjumping and Polo, including the National Dressage Championships and National Jumping Championships. As a therapist, she has helped clients facing physical, intellectual, and mental health challenges through therapeutic riding.



  • British Horse Society BHSQ Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding
  • National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Registered Coach
  • Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) Foundation Course
  • Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) Certification
  • igogo Academy and Centre for Equine Assisted Therapy (Germany) Certification
  • University of Surrey Roehampton Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counselling



Lingesparan Suppiah – Riding Instructor


Riding Instructor Lingesparan Suppiah is an Equestrian Australia NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) Level 1 certified instructor. Having learned the ropes from some of Australia's best instructors in Jumping and Dressage, Linges now employs the same teaching methods and philosophy to guide his students to achieve their goals and potential. His goal is to inspire his students to take their talent to the next level.



  • Represented Malaysia in the SEA Games, where he won a silver medal in 2007 



Rubendran A/I Kahamuthu – Riding Instructor


Riding Instructor Rubendran A/I Kahamuthu is a British Horse Society BHSQ Level 1 Certified Coach. Soon after joining Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre (STCRC) as a groomer in 2011, he began taking riding lessons and participated in numerous Jumping competitions. In 2018, he was promoted to Supervisor, where he managed the care of horses in liveries. In 2022, at the encouragement of Chief Riding Instructor Roy Ibrahim, he took up the post of Riding Instructor, where he hopes to bring the joy of horse riding to his students and boost their confidence on a horse.



  • First place in the March 2019 STCRC Inter-Club Competition Class 4: 100cm
  • First place in the April 2018 STCRC Inter-Club Showjumping Competition Class 3: 90cm