Press Release

5 June 2023


Racing will continue with the 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup as the last race in October 2024


The Government today announced that about 120 hectares of land in Kranji on which the Singapore Racecourse sits, will be handed back to the Singapore Government in 2027 for redevelopment. Singapore Turf Club will close its facility by March 2027.


The Singapore Turf Club will hold its final race meeting on 5 October 2024, featuring the 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup.


Singapore Turf Club Chairman Mr Niam Chiang Meng said, “We are saddened by the decision of the Government to close the Club. At the same time, we understand the land needs of Singapore, including housing and other potential uses such as leisure and recreation. We will do our best to ensure business as usual for the Club until our final race meeting. Concurrently, we will work with our stakeholders to ensure a smooth exit for local horse racing and make the necessary preparations for the estate to be handed over to the Government by March 2027.”



Evolving needs of Singaporeans


The Government continually reviews its land use plans to best meet the needs of Singaporeans. The site at Kranji represents a valuable resource in land-scarce Singapore.


Mr Niam added, “Singapore Turf Club recognises that the Kranji site is a valuable resource that can help meet the evolving needs and aspirations of Singaporeans, and this transition will serve to optimise land use for the greater good of the local community and future generations. We are aligned with the Government on the need to invest in the future of Singapore.”


The Club has seen significant success through its efforts to elevate the sport of horse racing in Singapore, including the doubling of feature races. However, in-person attendance at the racecourse has been declining over the past decade.



Singapore Turf Club to champion world-class horse racing through its last race


Horse racing has a long and distinguished history in Singapore and Singapore Turf Club intends to uphold the stellar reputation of the sport and the racing community. With races continuing until the 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup on 5 October 2024, the Club will continue to ensure the sportsmanship, safety and integrity of every race.


The Club will work with the Government to ensure a well-managed exit for local horse racing and make the necessary preparations for the estate to be handed over to the Government in 2027. Racehorse owners and trainers will be offered support for horse maintenance and exportation.



A smooth transition


Over the next three years, Singapore Turf Club will engage with stakeholders and address their respective needs. A phased approach based on business needs will be deployed to ensure the continuation of successful operations and a smooth handover. The Club will provide support and assistance during this process.


Singapore Turf Club President and Chief Executive Ms Irene MK Lim said, “During this time, affected employees and those working within the horse racing community will have ample time to consider their career options and manage their personal commitments.”


Employees will be offboarded in phases, and in accordance with the Ministry of Manpower’s regulatory requirements and guidelines. Employees will receive support during the transition with a retrenchment package, personal career guidance, skills-training courses and counselling as they transition to the next chapter of their careers.



Preserving the rich heritage of horse racing in Singapore


For over 180 years, Singapore Turf Club has been the custodian of Singapore’s heritage of horse racing excellence. It has seen Singapore through modernisation into a developed country, all the while serving the public need for sports and entertainment. Singapore Turf Club has operated across three venues throughout its history including Farrer Park, Bukit Timah and Kranji, drawing in royalty, celebrities, racing fans and the curious from around the world.


Ms Lim said, “Singapore Turf Club is extremely proud to have been the home of horse racing for nearly two centuries. We are committed to seeing this phase of the nation’s history come to an end in a dignified manner, befitting all our stakeholders including employees, jockeys, racehorse owners, racehorse trainers, the equestrian community and horses that have graced our grounds. We hope to leave a lasting impression of the Club that will be fondly and proudly remembered by Singapore and the world”.


“In addition, we are proud to be a part of the Tote Board’s mission of investing in the future of Singapore through community grants,” she added.

About Singapore Turf Club


Founded in 1842, Singapore Turf Club (STC) is Singapore’s only horse racing club. A destination that has consistently been reinventing experiences and bringing fun and excitement to the communities, STC’s sprawling 124-hectare Kranji grounds featuring world-class horse racing tracks and a 30,000-capacity Grandstand, can support both large-scale and intimate sporting competitions and lifestyle events.


A proprietary club of the Tote Board, STC’s focus is on cultivating horse racing as a prestige sport and creating a first-class horse racing community in Singapore with integrity and professionalism. STC is also a learning hub for specialised equestrian skills, as well as a provider of impeccable stabling, horse training and horse event support. For more information about STC, please visit