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19 April 2022


Equestrian interclub show returns to Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre after two-year hiatus



Southeast Asia’s premier equestrian facility, Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre (STCRC), is set to bring back its long-awaited equestrian interclub competitions after a two-year hiatus. Titled the STCRC Interclub Show, the tournament is expected to see over 300 entries from Singapore’s horse-riding clubs and centres with participants competing in dressage and show jumping disciplines over a three-part series.


To kick things off, STCRC will play host to the STCRC Aprílios/Máios Dressage Show on 30 April and the STCRC Aprílios/Máios Jumping Show on 28 May, both will form the first of the three-part competition series that will feature both dressage and jumping disciplines. This will be followed by the STCRC Interclub Októvrios Show and STCRC Interclub Dekémvrios Show which will take place in October and December, respectively. Shows are named after the months in Greek when the competition occurs, paying homage to dressage’s Greek origins.


“As Southeast Asia’s premier equestrian facility and a key destination for equestrian activities in Singapore, STCRC is delighted to be teaming up with our equestrian community partners to bring back the highly anticipated STCRC Interclub Show starting from the first event in April. We are continuing to ramp up on the frequency of equestrian events on our Centre’s calendar and extending more activities to the public, all part of our strategic vision for STCRC to play a bigger role as an equestrian hub to enhance awareness and love for the sport, while providing an enabling platform that can help to elevate equestrian standards in Singapore,” said Jennifer Chin, Assistant Vice President of Business Operations, Singapore Turf Club.


The upcoming STCRC Aprílios/Máios Dressage Show will feature an exciting dressage freestyle event from Preliminary to Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) Intermediate 1 classes of the competition, a first for interclub shows in Singapore. Celebrated equestrian figures the likes of Roy Ibrahim, Chief Riding Instructor of STCRC, and Wan Ming Ong, instructor, rider and FEI Level 1 Dressage judge from Malaysia will be heavily involved in the competition. Ibrahim will take on the role of Show Director while Wan will be competition judge.


“As the only equestrian facility in Singapore that houses an Olympic-class equestrian arena purpose-built for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, we are confident of delivering a world-class equestrian event that fosters Singapore’s equestrian community. We will also be the only show in Singapore to have a dressage freestyle event for riders to create their own choreography from Preliminary to FEI Intermediate 1 classes of the competition. I am looking forward to welcoming back and hosting riders and the wider equestrian community at STCRC,” shared Roy Ibrahim, Chief Riding Instructor at Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre.


Sanctioned by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore (EFS), riders who are keen to compete in the upcoming STCRC Aprílios/Máios Dressage Show can register for the competition through their clubs or via the Singapore Turf Club website from now to 22 April.



About Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre

The Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre (STCRC) is an exciting community project by Singapore Turf Club (STC) and Tote Board. It aims to foster a horse-riding community in Singapore, and to introduce and educate the public about horses and horse care.

As Southeast Asia’s premier equestrian facility set on three hectares of lush greenery right next to STC at Kranji, STCRC features the most advanced riding and livery facilities in Singapore and provides a range of programmes to introduce the fun of horse riding to everyone.


About Singapore Turf Club

Founded in 1842, Singapore Turf Club (STC) is Singapore’s only horse racing club. A destination that has consistently been reinventing experiences and bringing fun and excitement to the communities, STC’s sprawling 124-hectare Kranji grounds can support both large-scale and intimate sporting competitions and lifestyle events. Featuring world-class horse racing tracks and a 30,000-seater Grandstand, STC is also home to the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre, which houses an Olympic class equestrian arena purpose-built for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.


A proprietary club of the Tote Board, STC’s focus is on cultivating horse-racing as a prestige sport and creating a first-class horse-racing community in Singapore with integrity and professionalism. STC is also a learning hub for specialised equestrian skills, as well as a provider of impeccable stabling, horse training and horse event support.



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