Press Release

​Samiah Hassan




18 March 2020




The Singapore Turf Club (the Club) will be introducing enhanced precautionary measures to achieve greater social distancing for our visitors at the Singapore Racecourse at Kranji (Racecourse), in addition to the existing measures already implemented since DORSCON Orange.


The following enhanced precautionary measures will take effect from Friday, 20 March 2020:


  • Visitors entering the Racecourse will be directed to four segregated zones: Grandstand Level 1 North and South Zones, Level 3 and Level 4. Visitors will not be allowed to move between the zones. Directional signages will be available and the Club’s staff will guide visitors to their designated zones.
  • We will limit the number of visitors entering the Racecourse. Visitors will not be admitted to the Racecourse when the limit is reached. 
  • We will open more counters to reduce queuing when placing bets. We will operate alternate counters to further separate the distance between the queues to have more social distancing. Visitors are also encouraged to use the self-betting kiosks which are located throughout both the North and South zones at Level 1 of the Grandstand.  
  • Visitors at the Racecourse will be reminded through signages, information display on screens etc., not to gather in large numbers or stand close to each other. The Club will deploy roving ambassadors to encourage and remind visitors to be mindful of practising social distancing.


The Club’s top priority is the safety and well-being of our visitors. The Club would like to remind all visitors to be socially responsible and observe good hygiene practices. Visitors will not be allowed into the Racecourse if they are unwell or are nursing or recovering from medical conditions such as fever, running nose, sore throat. 


Alternatively, Singapore Pools Account Holders can place their bets online and view live-streaming of races, in lieu of visiting the Racecourse.


We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will adapt our precautionary measures with the changes in the situation. The Club is committed to continue to operate our business in a safe and responsible manner.





Issued by the Corporate Communications Department,

Singapore Turf Club


For enquiries, please contact:


Ms Eunice Choy

Manager (Corporate Communications)

Mr Josca Seow

Assistant Manager (Corporate Communications)