Press Release

​Esther Teng


6 April 2015


The Racing/Sports Editor




Starting 10 April 2015, Phumelela Gaming and Leisure (PGL) will commingle its WIN and PLACEpools into Singapore Turf Club’s (STC) WIN and PLACE pools for all Singapore races simulcasted in South Africa.


Currently, STC and PGL operate their own WIN and PLACE pools for Singapore races independently.


With commingling, customers in Singapore and South Africa will bet directly into combined WIN and PLACE pools for all Singapore races. The bigger pools will provide more stability and possibly better dividends for customers in both Singapore and South Africa.


For a Singapore race with commingled pools, all display monitors will show the dividends for WIN and PLACE in blue. In the remote event that a race is not commingled, the dividends will be shown in white on display monitors, as per current practice.


Please visit for more information.

Issued by the Singapore Turf Club


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Mr Eric Loh

Senior Manager (Corporate Communications)

Ms Yvonne Lee

Assistant Manager (Corporate Communications)