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Horse Racing Channel










 Horse Racing Channel 88 televises 'live' races from Singapore and Malaysia primarily. 'Live' betting information is available on the channel. Viewers can also watch exciting magazine programmes featuring the horse racing arena around the world and in Singapore. The channel is available 12 hours daily.

Horse Racing Channel 89 televises 'live' races from Hong Kong, Perth, Australia and South Africa. 'Live' betting information is available. Racing information for upcoming races and race results garnered from highlights of 'live' races are also shown. The channel is available 12 hours daily.



1. Will the racing channels be available to the general public?

No. The racing channels will only be offered to Singapore Turf Club Telebet account holders. ​

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2. How do the Telebet account holders subscribe to the racing channels?

Telebet account holders will need to submit the subscription forms for the channels to Telebet Service Centre.  ​Please call 6879 1388 for further assistance.

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3. What is the subscription cost for the channels?

The subscription cost is $15 per month (before GST).

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4. What type of racing/betting information will be available on the racing channels?

The racing channels will televise 'live' races from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa and Europe. Racing and betting information available on the channels will be similar to the information presently available to our customers at the Singapore Racecourse and Off-Course Betting Centres. Such information include 'live' WIN, PLACE and FORECAST approximate dividends, race results and other 'live' betting and racing information e.g. change of jockeys etc.

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5. Will the channel be available 24 hours a day?

No. The channels will be available about 12 hours per day on average.

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