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Singapore - 28/06/2019
RACE 4: CLASS 5 - 1600M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$30000
Trackform Number [788]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:40.56 Race Time: 400M 0:26.01  800M 0:49.84  1000M 1:02.08  1200M 1:14.63  1400M 1:27.45  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
4DIXIELAND ROCK B, TT4650159562APP WS CHAND LOGAN4-3-111:40.560
1O'REILLY STAR TT4850160568APP M NIZARM WALKER1-1-221:40.570.1
11GOLDEN EXPLORER B, TT3448353531JP VAN DER MERWEKS TAN3-4-331:40.771.4
12HEPHAESTUS B, TT3344752.549.56APP R ISKANDARJ O'HARA10-9-441:40.771.5
7MISS MICHELLE P, TT4652259585TH KOHJ O'HARA2-2-551:40.902.3
6KHUDAWAND 4647259577APP S SHAFRIZALM CLEMENTS8-5-661:40.922.5
9TIGER FORCE B, TT4548658.558.54J AZZOPARDID LOGAN6-7-771:40.932.6
3PARTY MAKER B, TT4849060573APP T KRISNAH TAKAOKA5-6-881:41.133.9
8DOMINIC B, TT4552558.554.510APP F YUSOFFJ SAIMEE9-8-991:41.787.9
10LOVE ME TENDER B3747154.554.59D MOORM CLEMENTS11-11-10101:42.6813.4
2PACIFIC OCEAN BP, TT48520605712APP A SYAHIRL KHOO7-10-11111:42.8414.4
5HELUSHKA BP1, TT46483595611APP WH KOKKY YOUNG12-12-12121:43.4317.9
Shifted outwards several horses under pressure passing the 200m before being straightened.

Bumped TIGER FORCE after being bumped outwards by DIXIELAND ROCK on jumping.

Bumped PARTY MAKER after being bumped outwards by GOLDEN EXPLORER on jumping.
Shifted inwards under pressure inside the final 100m.

Slow to begin and was inconvenienced between PACIFIC OCEAN and DOMINIC on jumping.

Made a run three wide from the 800m and raced without cover.

Was bumped on the hindquarters by PARTY MAKER on jumping.
Rider reported that in his opinion the gelding would be better suited ridden a bit quieter.
A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jumped awkwardly outwards and bumped DIXIELAND ROCK onto PARTY MAKER.
When questioned, Rider explained he was instructed to ride his mount midfield and when he attempted to restrain his mount leaving the home straight on the first occasion, his mount resented being restrained and got its head up for a few strides.

When making ground inside the final 200m had to checked and shifted outwards to avoid the heels of GOLDEN EXPLORER, which shifted outwards marginally under pressure.
Rider reported that the saddle slipped side to side during the race.
Rider and Trainer J O'Hara were questioned regarding the tactics adopted on the gelding. Trainer J O'Hara stated that the instructions were to settle the horse in the early stages with the intention of keep the gelding racing on the bit as this has proven to be the most successful way to ride the gelding and be competitive. He added that his only concern was that App R Iskandar settled too far back in the field. App R Iskandar was advised that his ride was of concern to the Stewards in particular his level of vigor in the homestraight and then checked his horse off the heels of GOLDEN EXPLORER near the 100m which could have been avoided. In all the circumstances, the Stewards on the weight of evidence did not proceed with a charge, however, App R Iskandar was cautioned and advised that whilst he lacked experience in race riding, he is expected to show more initiative than he did on this occasion.
Impounded for routine veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.

Course Scratching - maximum field

Course Scratching - maximum field