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Singapore - 26/04/2019
RACE 6: CLASS 4 (2) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$50000
Trackform Number [521]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:11.67 Race Time: 400M 0:25.07  600M 0:36.38  800M 0:48.13  1000M 0:59.71  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
1AUGUSTUS B, TT6752160569APP AB RIDUANM WALKER4-4-111:11.670
5LIM'S KNIGHT 6247557.557.512R WOODWORTHD MEAGHER3-3-221:11.800.8
6STAR EMPIRE B5951956566K A'ISISUHAIRIL DRAGON2-2-331:11.841.1
3POLE PARADISE B, TT6652559.559.55J POWELLJ O'HARA1-1-441:11.951.6
7NORTHERN SUN B5750455544APP I AMIRULD KOH5-7-551:12.303.6
11SILVER JOY B, TT5446653.550.51APP N ZYRULRB MARSH7-6-661:12.313.7
2MR HOOPER B6747060572APP WH KOKJ PETERS6-5-771:12.444.5
4DESPACITO B, SR6250157.557.53JP VAN DER MERWEC BROWN10-9-881:12.464.6
12YULONG FIRE B4943351518M ZAKID KOK12-8-991:12.645.9
8REIGN TT5748055537APP J SEEJ O'HARA11-11-10101:12.826.9
9THE CAPITAL B, TT57486555511J AZZOPARDIDL FREEDMAN9-10-11111:13.229.4
10EVERYBODY HAPPY B55491545410B THOMPSONS BURRIDGE8-12-12121:13.8513.2
Became unbalanced shortly after the start after being bumped on the hindquarters by REIGN. Raced wide without cover.

Which was slow to begin, was bumped by DESPACITO, which jumped inwards.

Rider, when questioned regarding the gelding performing below market expectation, stated that his mount was restless in the barrier, resulting in it being slow to begin. He further added that his mount was one-paced in the homestraight. His explanation was noted. Impounded for routine veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.

Jumped awkwardly inwards and bumped MR HOOPER on jumping.

The Farrier reported that the horse returned having cast its off-fore plate.

Jumped awkwardly and bumped REIGN, resulting in that gelding shifting outwards into the running of YULONG FIRE, which had to be checked.

Bumped by STAR EMPIRE on jumping, shifted outwards into the running of YULONG FIRE, which had to be checked and bumped the hindquarters of AUGUSTUS.

Raced wide.

Rider reported that his mount was disappointing in the homestraight. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormality.

Shortly after the start, was bumped by YULONG FIRE. Raced wide. Making the turn (500m), was carried wider by THE CAPITAL.

Rider reported that his mount was slow to begin and failed to quicken when placed under pressure in the homestraight. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed that the horse exhibited signs of respiratory distress after the race. Will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.

Which was slightly slow to begin, was checked to avoid the heels of REIGN shortly after the start. When being checked, shifted outwards slightly and bumped EVERYBODY HAPPY.

Course Scratching - maximum field

Course Scratching - maximum field