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Singapore - 08/09/2017
RACE 5: CLASS 4 - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 20:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$60000
Trackform Number [1121]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:05.17 Race Time: 300M 0:18.57  500M 0:29.57  700M 0:41.34  900M 0:53.06  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
2GREY FALCON 6048257576M NUNESHW TAN2-1-111:05.170
7DECRETO BP15148852.552.57I AZHARM WALKER6-6-221:05.180.1
6LUCKY SIX B5352053.553.59S JOHNL DRAGON8-8-331:05.321.1
9HAYTHAM TT4953251.551.510O CHAVEZM WALKER9-9-441:05.401.6
12AMAZING MAN BP, EM4649550503M ZAKIJ SAIMEE4-5-661:05.814.1
3SUPER HERO TT5951456.555.511M EWEJ O'HARA10-10-771:05.995.1
8EURO ZONE WK5150952.552.58B VORSTERDL FREEDMAN3-3-881:06.135.9
10ELITE GOLD TT4748950.550.52D DAVIDH TAKAOKA7-7-991:06.347.2
11SATELLITE PRINCE B, TT4747550.5504APP M JAILANIJ O'HARA12-12-10101:06.468
1CAIRO B6148357.554.51APP WS CHANHK TAN1-2-11111:07.3713.5
4ZIPPY GENERAL B58486565512APP T SEEKY YOUNG11-11-12121:08.1018
RACE 5 [TF1121]

ZIPPY GENERAL (App T See) was slow to begin after jumping away awkwardly, resulting in its rider losing his near-side stirrup iron for a short distance.

SATELLITE PRINCE (App M Jailani) was slow into stride after being bumped by ON ELECTRIC AVENUE (App H Syafiq), which jumped awkwardly inwards.

Near the 700m, ELITE GOLD (D David) checked when racing to the inside of ON ELECTRIC AVENUE, DECRETO (I Azhar) and EURO ZONE (B Vorster). As a result of this incident, LUCKY SIX (S John) had to be checked outwards and in so doing, inconvenienced SUPER HERO (M Ewe), which also had to be checked. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

The Farrier reported that SUPER HERO returned having cast its off-fore plate.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on SUPER HERO which revealed that the horse returned having bled. In terms of MRA Rule 92(3), it will not be permitted to canter or gallop on the main training tracks of any racecourse for a period of two months, and may not start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after having satisfactorily passed a bleeder¿s test.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on HAYTHAM (O Chavez) which revealed that the horse returned with blood in its nostrils. As the blood was found to be from external trauma, and not from the lungs, the gelding was not deemed to be a bleeder.