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Singapore - 20/08/2017
RACE 1: CLASS 5 - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 13:20 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000
Trackform Number [1054]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:06.12 Race Time: 300M 0:18.82  500M 0:29.99  700M 0:41.91  900M 0:53.79  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
6HONGCHEN 3948257534APP N NURSHAHRILJ SAIMEE5-5-111:06.120
8FAST JET B, TT3451554.554.55O CHAVEZHK TAN10-9-221:06.240.8
4MINGS MAN TT4146558546APP N ZYRULRB MARSH2-4-331:06.371.6
3BARNBURGH LAD TT4152258572APP T SEED KOH3-2-441:06.462.1
5SUPERTEN B, TT4147158588M RODDS YEOH4-3-551:06.482.3
10CAPTAIN CLASSIQUE BP245695050.57N JUGLALLD KOK1-1-661:06.593.1
7BEST JADE BP, TT3545755553M NUNESM WALKER7-7-771:06.693.6
9TENMA TT3049052.552.510O PLACAISL DRAGON9-10-881:06.754.1
2AMAZEALOT TT4151658561APP I AMIRULS YEOH8-6-991:07.005.6
1RED RACKHAM B4349159569APP H SYAFIQD HILL6-8-10101:07.247.1
RACE 1 [TF1054]
CLASS 5 1100M

RED RACKHAM (App H Syafiq) was restless in the barrier. Trainer D Hill was advised that a warning has been placed on RED RACKHAM regarding its barrier manners and to take steps to improve them or action may be taken in future.

FAST JET (O Chavez) was slow into stride.

RED RACKHAM jumped awkwardly inwards at the start and bumped SUPERTEN (M Rodd).

Approaching the 800m, RED RACKHAM shifted inwards and made contact with SUPERTEN.

RED RACKHAM and TENMA (O Placais) both raced wide throughout.

Passing the 400m, FAST JET was held up and steadied outwards across the heels of RED RACKHAM to obtain clear running. As a result of this, TENMA had to be steadied off the heels of FAST JET.

Passing the 300m, RED RACKHAM and FAST JET made contact.

FAST JET had a tendency to lay inwards over the final 200m.

Passing the 100m, App N Zyrul, the rider of MINGS MAN, dropped his near-side rein which he regained shortly thereafter.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that AMAZEALOT (App I Amirul) returned lame off-fore. AMAZEALOT will be required to pass a 1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race again.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on BEST JADE (M Nunes) which revealed no apparent abnormality.