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Singapore - 14/07/2017
RACE 1: CLASS 5 (1) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 18:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000
Trackform Number [884]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:12.50 Race Time: 400M 0:25.04  600M 0:36.47  800M 0:48.60  1000M 1:00.28  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
2EURO ZONE P, EM4350257578M NUNESL LAXON3-3-111:12.500
5CASTLE QUEEN 4151956569A MUNROJ O'HARA5-5-221:12.832
8INVINCIBLE MAN B, TT, EM, SR3850554.553.55M ZAKIL KHOO2-2-331:13.224.5
6RED GENERAL 4145356566I SAIFUDINL KHOO4-1-441:13.466
4SUPERTEN B, TT4346757551APP S SHAFRIZALS YEOH1-4-551:13.496.2
9TOP NOTE B, TT, EM3749554544M EWEJ O'HARA8-7-661:13.586.7
7RED RIDING WOOD B3944255522APP WS CHANT KIESER9-9-771:13.737.7
1AMAZEALOT TT4350757553APP I AMIRULS YEOH6-8-881:13.768
3MUSCULAR SPRINTER 4351857577O PLACAISHW TAN7-6-991:13.858.5

MUSCULAR SPRINTER (O Placais) and RED GENERAL (I Saifudin), which bumped on jumping, were both inconvenienced when crowded between INVINCIBLE MAN (M Zaki), which jumped outwards and EURO ZONE (M Nunes), which jumped inwards at the start.

TOP NOTE (M Ewe) was slow to begin after jumping away awkwardly.

RED RIDING WOOD (App WS Chan), which was slow to begin, was inconvenienced when SUPERTEN (App S Shafrizal) shifted outwards after jumping away awkwardly.

Approaching the 900m, RED GENERAL got its head up and commenced to race keenly when being steadied off the heels of INVINCIBLE MAN.

INVINCIBLE MAN laid outwards from the 700m and in so doing, carried EURO ZONE wider on the track.

Passing the 300m, TOP NOTE checked when crowded to the inside of CASTLE QUEEN (A Munro), which was carried inwards slightly when RED GENERAL shifted inwards after making contact with INVINCIBLE MAN.

Shortly after passing the 200m, AMAZEALOT (App I Amirul) checked when racing to the outside of SUPERTEN. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

The Veterinary Surgeon reported that INVINCIBLE MAN returned having bled. In terms of MRA Rule 92(3), it will not be permitted to canter or gallop on the main training tracks of any racecourse for a period of two months, and may not start in any race for a period of three months, and then only after having satisfactorily passed a bleeder¿s test.