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Singapore - 03/04/2010
RACE 3: CLASS 4 (2) - 1400M COURSE E (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 14:30 PRIZE MONEY: S$55000
Trackform Number [438]
Track:YIELDING Win Time: 1:22.88 Race Time: 400M 0:26.51  600M 0:37.80  800M 0:48.19  1000M 0:59.41  1200M 1:10.89  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
1ALACARTE P 5849257573J SAIMEES BURRIDGE4-2-111:22.880
2PACIFIC GENERAL B 5748356.556.52V DURICD KOH2-1-221:23.071.3
9GUTSY KNIGHT P 4548650.551.57M EWEHK TAN9-8-331:23.363.1
7MY NINJA B 5051753534B VORSTERD BAERTSCHIGER3-3-441:23.383.3
4FORMIDABLE QUEST B 5652756565M GALLAGHERC BROWN6-6-551:23.453.8
8KINGDOM EIGHTYONE 4748951.551.51J MOREIRAD DRAGON7-7-661:23.846.1
6MELANG GOLD B 5247054549S CORMACKL KHOO1-4-771:24.158.1
3TOUCH LUCK B 5748956.556.56O PLACAISS BURRIDGE5-5-881:24.449.9
10GIRO B 4448750508I SAIFUDINM YUSOF8-9-991:26.1020.2
RACE 3 [TF438]
CLASS 4 LC (E) 1400M

PACIFIC GENERAL (V Duric) jumped away awkwardly.

Shortly after the start, KINGDOM EIGHTYONE (J Moreira) steadied when racing to the inside of PACIFIC GENERAL and ALACARTE (J Saimee). Jockey Saimee was subsequently shown the film of the incident and warned to exercise greater care when shifting ground in future.

FORMIDABLE QUEST (M Gallagher) and ALACARTE were both difficult to settle in the backstraight.

PACIFIC GENERAL and MELANG GOLD (S Cormack) were both inclined to lay outwards near the 600m.

GUTSY KNIGHT (App M Ewe) hung inwards in the straight placing its rider at a disadvantage.

Approaching the 400m, ALACARTE was momentarily disappointed for a run between MELANG GOLD and PACIFIC GENERAL.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on GIRO (I Saifudin) which revealed no apparent abnormality.

TOUCH LUCK (O Placais) was impounded for routine veterinary and analytical examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.