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Singapore - 06/11/2016
RACE 8: CLASS 4 (1) - 1400M COURSE D (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 16:25 PRIZE MONEY: S$60000
Trackform Number [1417]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:23.67 Race Time: 400M 0:25.46  600M 0:36.50  800M 0:47.99  1000M 0:59.65  1200M 1:11.28  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
3STORM TROOPER B, TT59512565211APP Z SYEDM WALKER9-9-111:23.670
4WHOSE ELSE'S BB5751755556V DURICS GRAY4-2-221:23.730.3
5ABSOLUTE MIRACLE 5652654.554.54D BEASLEYHW TAN11-10-331:23.730.4
9ROYAL EASTER WK5551254549CW BROWNJ PETERS8-8-441:23.760.6
1WARPATH TT6149357578M KELLADYS BAERTSCHIGER1-1-551:23.810.9
12JOYOUS P, TT4846150.547.52APP CK NGM YUSOF3-4-771:24.153
6ASPREY 5648854.554.51M NUNESM WALKER5-6-881:24.424.8
11PARKER B49508515012APP Z ZURIMANRB MARSH2-3-991:24.535.3
7SUN SEEKER WK5652554.553.57APP CC WONGD KOH6-7-10101:24.545.4
10XZUBERANCE P, TT5552654543K A'ISISUHAIRIS BURRIDGE10-11-11111:26.2815.9
2INTENSE GOLD B6048856.556.55N JUGLALLC BROWN0-0-9898 0
RACE 8 [TF1417]
CLASS 4 LC (D) 1400M

XZUBERANCE (K AIsisuhairi) and JOYOUS (App CK Ng) bumped on jumping.

ABSOLUTE MIRACLE (D Beasley) was slow into stride.

STORM TROOPER (App Z Syed), which jumped awkwardly, was carried
outwards shortly after by JUBILATION (App H Syafiq), which jumped
awkwardly outwards.

Near the 1100m, INTENSE GOLD (N Juglall), which was difficult to settle in
the backstraight, shifted outwards inconveniencing WHOSE ELSES (V Duric),
which in turn carried WARPATH (M Kellady) and JUBILATION, wider on the
track. Shortly after, INTENSE GOLD commenced to lose ground quickly and
was eased down by its rider. SUN SEEKER (App CC Wong) and XZUBERANCE
which were following were inconvenienced in consequence.

ABSOLUTE MIRACLE had difficulty obtaining clear running from the 400m
until after passing the 150m.

Jockey Beasley, when questioned regarding the run of the ABSOLUTE
MIRACLE, stated that he was inconvenienced when a runner in front gave
ground quickly near the 1100m. Thereafter, he commenced to ride his mount
along from the 800m to make up ground. Making the turn into the straight,
he elected to try and follow ASPREY, which he had anticipated to improve.
However, ASPREY did not improve as expected and thereafter, found himself
unable to obtain clear running from behind JOYOUS and JUBILATION. As
such, he had to come to the outside, however he was also mindful not to
shift outwards too abruptly as he may cause some interference to SUN
SEEKER, which was racing to his outside. He further stated that after
obtaining clear running, ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ran on strongly when placed
under pressure. His explanation was noted.

Jockey Nunes, when questioned regarding the run of the ASPREY stated that
the gelding travelled well, however, in the straight had a tendency to hang
out and did not respond when placed under pressure. His explanation was
In order not to delay the correct weight, Jockey Juglall was exempted from
the weigh-in. The Veterinary Surgeon confirmed that INTENSE GOLD
returned lame off-hind. INTENSE GOLD will be required to pass a 1000m
gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being entered to race again.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on ASPREY which
revealed no apparent abnormality.

Jockey K AIsisuhairi reported that XZUBERANCE was not striding out
freely. A subsequent veterinary examination revealed no apparent