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Singapore - 21/08/2015
RACE 7: CLASS 3 - 1000M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 21:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$80000
Trackform Number [1054]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 0:59.09 Race Time: 400M 0:23.87  600M 0:35.21  800M 0:46.67  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
4GREAT SUN TT6754554.554.56CW BROWNM FREEDMAN4-3-110:59.090
2SEBAS 7248157575A MUNROT KIESER1-1-220:59.180.5
6LIVELY DRAGON B, TT6450953538M NUNESHW TAN2-2-330:59.190.6
7LUCKY MISSION 6450353532R WOODWORTHD KOH5-5-440:59.844.6
8BLUE DIAMOND 6351552.551.51APP T SEEHW TAN3-4-550:59.904.9
3SMART PEOPLE WK, TT6954955.555.53O CHAVEZHW TAN10-8-661:00.096.2
10MEDIA CAPTAIN WK, TT6354352.552.54B VORSTERC BROWN7-6-771:00.106.3
5GRAVITY 6453453537S SAMH TAKAOKA6-7-881:00.217.1
9INTENSE GOLD WK6349452.5529APP R SHAFIQC BROWN8-9-991:00.237.3
1RAPIDO STAR WK72481575410APP TR BARNABASL DRAGON9-10-10101:00.7410.3
RACE 7 [TF1054]
CLASS 3 1000M

RAPIDO STAR (App TR Barnabas) lost ground after beginning awkwardly.

SMART PEOPLE (O Chavez), which was marginally slow to begin, lost ground
shortly after the start after being bumped onto the heels of LUCKY MISSION
(R Woodworth) by MEDIA CAPTAIN (B Vorster), which shifted inwards after
beginning awkwardly.

BLUE DIAMOND (App T See) jumped outwards at the start inconveniencing

RAPIDO STAR laid outwards rounding the hometurn.