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Singapore - 12/04/2015
RACE 10: CLASS 3 - 1400M COURSE C (LC) (TURF) TIME: 17:35 PRIZE MONEY: S$80000
Trackform Number [477]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:23.31 Race Time: 400M 0:24.59  600M 0:36.25  800M 0:48.40  1000M 1:00.15  1200M 1:11.42  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
1BOGART B, TT7251557574CW BROWNM FREEDMAN1-1-111:23.310
11KNIGHT WAGER TT6748354.554.514R WOODWORTHM CLEMENTS10-13-221:23.360.3
4THESE STREETS B72502575712M NUNESC BROWN11-4-331:23.390.5
10KATE'S KEEPER 6953755.551.511APP Y RUZAILIS GRAY12-14-441:23.471
12AERO WINGS JUNIOR B, TT6654454541N JUGLALLL KHOO5-6-551:23.541.5
9GUARICANA 6948755.553.56TH KOHD KOH7-9-661:23.581.8
5LASER STORM BP7148956.556.510A MUNROHW TAN4-3-771:23.732.8
7TOM 7053656568J POWELLL LAXON14-11-881:23.753.1
8VERTICAL START 7049656565B VORSTERP SHAW6-7-991:24.105.1
13HAMMER DOWN TT6549853.550.53APP A FEIRUZRB MARSH9-10-10101:24.195.6
2MR ARMSTRONG B7250157579C NEWITTM FREEDMAN13-12-11111:24.215.9
14LIGN EM UP TT6352452.552.52M KELLADYS BAERTSCHIGER2-2-12121:24.588.2
3TAFFETAS P7245657567APP K A'ISISUHAIRIRB MARSH3-5-13131:24.688.7
6TIGER MASTER 7150456.553.513APP WS CHANS YEOH8-8-14141:24.9110.2
RACE 10 [TF0477]
CLASS 3 LC (C) 1400M

Permission was granted for Jockey R Woodworth to replace Jockey M Rodd on
KNIGHT WAGER as the latter was unable to make the weight. Jockey Rodd
was subsequently fined a sum of S$200 in terms of MRA Rule 107(9).

TOM (J Powell) was slow to begin.

HAMMER DOWN (App A Feiruz) began awkwardly.

Approaching the 900m, AERO WINGS JUNIOR (N Juglall) eased to avoid the
heels of LIGN EM UP (M Kellady), which was taken inwards slightly by
BOGART (CW Brown). HAMMER DOWN, which was following and racing
keenly, steadied in consequence. HAMMER DOWN, which continued to race
keenly, had to be steadied off the heels of AERO WINGS JUNIOR for a
number of strides near the 800m.

KATES KEEPER (App Y Ruzaili) and KNIGHT WAGER were both held up and
unable to improve from the 600m until after passing the 400m.

VERTICAL START (B Vorster) and HAMMER DOWN were both held up and
unable to improve from the 600m until after passing the 200m.

Approaching and passing the 400m, GUARICANA (TH Koh) had difficulty
obtaining clear running.

Near the 350m, TAFFETAS (App K AIsisuhairi) steadied away from the heels
of LASER STORM (A Munro), which shifted inwards and away from THESE
STREETS (M Nunes), which laid inwards.

Approaching the 300m, HAMMER DOWN had to be eased when crowded for
room between KATES KEEPER and VERTICAL START, which shifted inwards.