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Singapore - 07/12/2014
RACE 8: CLASS 5 - 1100M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 16:25 PRIZE MONEY: S$35000
Trackform Number [1629]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:07.12 Race Time: 300M 0:19.48  500M 0:30.79  700M 0:43.06  900M 0:55.07  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
7LUCKY COME B3952555556O CHAVEZHW TAN7-5-111:07.120
3SUGAR MAN 4346857547APP R ZAWARIB DEAN3-3-221:07.170.3
10VANTAGE B3653853.552.51M KELLADYS BAERTSCHIGER8-8-331:07.542.6
6OASIS SPUR B, TT4249256.554.54APP J SEEZL MOK5-4-441:07.572.8
9DYNASTY KNIGHT B, TT3648053.553.53WH LAOS CHUA11-11-551:07.592.9
8KING OF KOON 37431545410I SAIFUDINJ O'HARA10-9-661:07.723.7
4VON SNITZEL TT43473575312APP H AMINM WALKER9-7-771:07.784.2
12SOLID WOOD B3551853535A MUNROZL MOK4-6-881:07.864.7
5DRAGON WALK B4248756.556.52D BEASLEYHW TAN2-2-991:07.915
2NICE HAT TRICK 4346957578I AZHARS CHUA6-10-10101:08.015.5
11FOLLOW THE KING P35483535111APP WS CHANT KIESER1-1-11111:08.176.5
1CHEETAH KING 4341857579L ALLPRESSL KHOO12-12-12121:08.548.8
RACE 8 [TF1629]
CLASS 5 1100M

VON SNITZEL (App H Amin) and KING OF KOON (I Saifudin) both began

OASIS SPUR (App J See) was taken inwards at the start by SOLID WOOD (A
Munro) and made contact with DYNASTY KNIGHT (WH Lao).

Near the 900m, SUGAR MAN (App R Zawari) and SOLID WOOD bumped.

Passing the 800m, SUGAR MAN and SOLID WOOD both checked when racing
between DRAGON WALK (D Beasley) and FOLLOW THE KING (App WS Chan).
VANTAGE (M Kellady), which was following, was also inconvenienced in this
incident. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Shortly after passing the 800m, DRAGON WALK checked when racing to the
inside of FOLLOW THE KING. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a
date to be fixed.

Approaching the 50m, Jockey Saifudin, the rider of KING OF KOON, dropped
his off-side rein which he regained shortly thereafter.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on DRAGON WALK
which revealed no apparent abnormality.

All riders returned to scale an average of 1kg overweight due to the weather