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Singapore - 29/06/2014
RACE 3: CLASS 4 (2) - 1400M COURSE D (LC) (TURF TRACK) TIME: 13:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$60000
Trackform Number [882]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:22.91 Race Time: 400M 0:24.75  600M 0:36.09  800M 0:47.67  1000M 0:59.12  1200M 1:10.78  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
5BILLY BRITAIN 5452655557I SANTANAS GRAY10-10-111:22.910
8DEAUVILLE B4850052528CW BROWNL LAXON7-6-221:22.960.3
2FOREVER LUCKY 6051258582S JOHND KOH6-5-331:23.272.3
1ALADDIN B6148058.557.53APP R SHAFIQH TAKAOKA3-3-441:23.393.1
3PATERSON ROAD B56477565510M EWEL KHOO8-8-551:23.403.2
10WAR LORD P, TT444255050.59B VORSTERS LAM2-2-661:23.443.5
7FLYING WILD B5251554544M NUNESB DEAN9-9-771:23.715.3
4NORTHERN GOLD 5547155.555.55A MUNROC BROWN1-1-881:23.866.3
6LIVE IN HOPE 5346354.552.56APP Z ZURIMANM FREEDMAN4-4-10101:24.6411.1
RACE 3 [TF882]
CLASS 4 LC (D) 1400M

Permission was granted for Jockey I Santana to replace Jockey J Powell on
BILLY BRITAIN as the latter was unable to make the weight. Jockey Powell
was subsequently fined a sum of S$200 in terms of MRA Rule 107(9).

FLYING WILD (M Nunes) dipped on jumping.

WAR LORD (B Vorster) jumped away awkwardly and shifted outwards
abruptly inconveniencing PATERSON ROAD (M Ewe).

Near the 1200m, CALLIDE RIVER (App K AIsisuhairi) eased off the heels of
NORTHERN GOLD (A Munro), which shifted inwards. As a result of this,
CALLIDE RIVER shifted outwards and made contact with FOREVER LUCKY (S
John), with both these horses becoming unbalanced. Jockey Munro was
subsequently shown the film of the incident and warned to exercise greater
care when shifting ground in future.

Approaching the 1000m, FOREVER LUCKY and CALLIDE RIVER again bumped
for a short distance when racing tight to the inside of ALADDIN (App R

PATERSON ROAD raced wide throughout.

Near the 800m, CALLIDE RIVER lost ground and had to be eased when
crowded to the inside of ALADDIN, which was carried inwards slightly by

LIVE IN HOPE (App Z Zuriman) had a tendency to hang inwards in the early
part of the straight.

Near the 150m, PATERSON ROAD shifted inwards abruptly away from BILLY
BRITAIN, which laid inwards.

Subsequent veterinary examinations were requested on both NORTHERN
GOLD and CALLIDE RIVER which revealed no apparent abnormality.