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Singapore - 03/01/2014
Trackform Number [15]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:12.85 Race Time: 400M 0:24.38  600M 0:35.98  800M 0:47.87  1000M 1:00.17  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
11STREET CHAMP B, TT4153354.554.511J POWELLS BAERTSCHIGER11-10-111:12.850
4GOOD SCORE B, TT44522565212APP P DELLORTOS CHUA1-1-221:13.071.3
5LORD GRANTHAM 4450656566D FLORESS GRAY4-4-331:13.212.1
3GENE 4458056552APP K A'ISISUHAIRIC BROWN5-5-441:13.232.3
8RISING AHEAD 4351055.555.55I SANTANAHW TAN12-7-551:13.312.8
9POWERFUL FIGHTER BB4253255558I SAIFUDINHW TAN7-8-661:13.373.1
12SACRED GENERAL 3652852499APP WL TANZL MOK3-3-771:13.644.9
1REAL MEAN B4643457571M NUNESM FREEDMAN6-9-881:13.916.4
7TEOCHEW BARRISTER BB, TT44508565610O CHAVEZHK TAN8-6-991:13.956.7
2CALIFORNIA SUN TT4448656563V LEALD KOK2-2-10101:13.997
10SO FREE NOW P4247455557KB SOOM YUSOF10-11-11111:14.047.3
6RUNFORIT B4445256534APP R ZAWARIB DEAN9-12-12121:14.288.8
RACE 4 [TF15]

STREET CHAMP (J Powell) was difficult to be loaded into the barrier. Trainer S
Baertshiger was advised that a warning has been placed on STREET CHAMP
regarding its barrier manners and to take steps to improve them or action may
be taken in future.

REAL MEAN (M Nunes) began awkwardly and was slow into stride.

RUNFORIT (App R Zawari) jumped awkwardly inwards and bumped
CALIFORNIA SUN (V Leal) in onto GENE (App K AIsisuhairi), resulting in both
horses becoming unbalanced.

Shortly after the start, STREET CHAMP (J Powell) steadied when crowded
between TEOCHEW BARRISTER (O Chavez) and GOOD SCORE (App P
Dellorto), which shifted inwards.

Near the 1000m, POWERFUL FIGHTER (I Saifudin) which was racing greenly,
shifted inwards and carried SO FREE NOW (KB Soo) in onto RISING AHEAD (I
Santana). RISING AHEAD then shifted inwards abruptly for a short distance.
RUNFORIT raced greenly in the early stages.

TEOCHEW BARRISTER and POWERFUL FIGHTER both raced wide throughout.

Between the 400m until near the 200m, RISING AHEAD was held up for clear

After passing the 200m, RISING AHEAD had to be steadied outwards away
from the heels of LORD GRANTHAM (D Flores), which rolled inwards slightly.

Jockey Chavez, when questioned regarding the run of TEOCHEW BARRISTER,
stated that after being caught wide his mount travelled well until placed
under pressure after passing the 400m. From this point onwards, the
gelding commenced to weaken and had a tendency to lay inwards under
pressure. His explanation was noted. A subsequent veterinary examination
was requested on TEOCHEW BARRISTER which revealed that the gelding
returned not striding out freely.

Jockey Nunes, when questioned regarding the run of REAL MEAN, stated that
after beginning awkwardly, his mount was slow into stride and failed to
respond to his riding from the 600m onwards. His explanation was noted. A
subsequent veterinary examination was requested on REAL MEAN which
revealed no apparent abnormality.

App Dellorto reported that GOOD SCORE was not striding out freely. A
subsequent veterinary examination revealed that the horse exhibited signs of
respiratory distress after the race. GOOD SCORE will be required to pass a
1000m gallop trial and veterinary examination prior to being declared to race