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Singapore - 11/12/2011
RACE 3: CLASS 4 (2) - 1200M (POLYTRACK) TIME: 13:50 PRIZE MONEY: S$55000
Trackform Number [1665]
Track:GOOD Win Time: 1:11.98 Race Time: 400M 0:24.91  600M 0:36.54  800M 0:48.40  1000M 1:00.28  
H. No.Horse Name Gear Horse
H. WtHCP WtC. WtBarJockeyTrainerRunning
10HIGGS BOSON 5354953527S ANANDANH TAKAOKA7-7-111:11.980
2SICHUAN RULER B 6053956.556.54J POWELLD BAERTSCHIGER2-2-221:12.312
3CHARLY B 59481565611O PLACAISP SHAW1-1-331:12.613.8
12SAMURAI KID B 4851950.5512S JOHNC BROWN6-4-441:12.795.1
8RIEZO P 5648854.554.510M AUD KOH5-6-551:13.036.6
7BIGGEST SECRET B 5648054.554.53J SAIMEEM WALKER9-9-661:13.7110.6
4ARAPUNI B 5853755.555.58D MCDONOGHL LAXON3-3-771:13.7510.9
5BENJI'S RULE 5851555.552.55I ANDYS GRAY8-8-881:13.7811.2
11BERT P 4948451519I SAIFUDINM CLEMENTS4-5-991:13.8912
6MAGIC MOMENT 5849555.555.56D CHEEL KHOO10-10-10101:14.2414.3
1BY LAW B 6145857531APP CS CHINRB MARSH11-11-11111:15.7423.3
RACE 3 [TF1665]
CLASS 4 1200M

Acting on veterinary advice that ANG PAO KERETA (App WL Tan) was found
to be lame near-fore, the Race Meeting Stewards ordered its withdrawal at
1337Hrs. In terms of MRA Regulation 24.2, it must be presented to an
Official Veterinary Surgeon prior to being declared to race again.

BY LAW (App CS Chin) was slow to begin and showed no early pace despite
the urgings of its rider.

BERT (I Saifudin) jumped inwards at the start and made contact with
ARAPUNI (D McDonogh).

Shortly after the start, MAGIC MOMENT (D Chee) and BENJIS RULE (I Andy)
were both crowded between SICHUAN RULER (J Powell), which shifted
outwards and HIGGS BOSON (S Anandan).

Approaching the 1100m, BIGGEST SECRET (J Saimee) and BENJIS RULE
both checked whilst racing to the inside of HIGGS BOSON. An Inquiry into
this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Passing the 1000m, RIEZO (M Au), ARAPUNI and BENJIS RULE were all
hampered when SICHUAN RULER shifted outwards away from the heels
CHARLY B (O Placais), which shifted inwards when not quite clear. Jockey
Placais was subsequently shown the film of the incident and warned to
exercise greater care when shifting ground in future.

Passing the 800m, BERT steadied when crowded between ARAPUNI and
SICHUAN RULER, which both shifted ground.

RIEZO raced wide without cover throughout.

Shortly after making the turn in the straight, BERT checked when crowded
between SAMURAI KID (S John) to its inside and RIEZO to its outside. An
Inquiry into this incident will be held at a date to be fixed.

Near the 200m, BENJIS RULE and ARAPUNI both checked whilst racing to
the inside of SAMURAI KID. An Inquiry into this incident will be held at a
date to be fixed.

RIEZO laid inwards under pressure in the straight.

A subsequent veterinary examination was requested on BY LAW which
revealed no apparent abnormality.

BENJIS RULE was impounded for routine veterinary and analytical
examination. The Veterinary Surgeon reported no apparent abnormality.