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Horse Profile
MRA Brand Number: H465 Dam BURNZEES MAGIC (NZ)
Date Foaled: 10/11/2015 Owner: J STABLE
Rating: 51 Trainer: LETICIA ANNE DRAGON
Total: S$21,802.50 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
6 1 1 0 0 4

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
28/06/2019 S 5 1/12 46 1100 P G 3 59.0 455 1-2-1 0.5L 1:06:17 KO OLINA TT J POWELL L DRAGON
09/06/2019 S 5 2/12 44 1200 P G 10 58.0 457 1-1-2 0.3L 1:12:78 DOMINIC TT J POWELL L DRAGON
03/05/2019 S R 8/14 46 1400 T G 7 57.0 466 2-4-8 13.3L 1:22:80 LIM'S PASSION TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
07/04/2019 S R 7/13 1200 T G 13 57.0 463 12-9-7 3.2L 1:11:13 RUNFINNRUN   M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
10/03/2019 S R 11/12 1400 T G 8 57.0 471 9-9-11 12.9L 1:23:53 VITTORIA PERFETTA   C MURRAY S BAERTSCHIGER
17/02/2019 S R 7/12 1200 T G 10 57.0 473 8-7-7 8.2L 1:10:85 TOOSBIES   M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
07/02/2019 S T1 3/5 1000 P G 3 62.0 8.1L 1:01:17 IN THE BLACK   M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…Brazilian jockey. “He came well into the race but just could not catch the winner. Dont worry, he still has the same turn of foot, but he needed the run today and will improve from…
…said the nine-time Singapore champion trainer. “When he is at that level, I dont worry about the field. “Turf conditions don’t matter either as he is a versatile horse…
…before hopping in the saddle. “I did look at her form when Cliffy booked me on her. Dont worry about that,” said Moreira with a grin. “I knew Famous Artist would be one of her…
…They will probably go slightly quicker tomorrow in what I call an “open gallop”. We dont worry about the fitness, as long as they stay well until Sunday, that’s what matters…
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…Captain Obvious can’t burn the candle at both ends. Just let him sit off the speed and don't worry about them. “He listened to the instructions and waited for the home turn to go around…
…loomed up to win but his condition just gave out. He will really come on for that run and dont worry too much about his trackwork because he’s always been a lazy worker.” But there…