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Horse Profile
Date Foaled: 11/10/2015 Owner: FORTUNA NZ RACING STABLE
Rating: 70 Trainer: MARK WILLIAM WALKER
Total: S$146,643.75 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
8 3 2 0 3 0

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
26/07/2019 S 3 4/10 70 1200 T G 2 55.5 555 3-3-4 2.0L 1:09:50 SAFEER   J POWELL M WALKER
07/07/2019 S 3 2/13 69 1200 T G 4 55.0 548 4-3-2 1.3L 1:10:20 CHARGER   J POWELL M WALKER
09/06/2019 S 4 1/11 63 1200 T Y 7 58.0 544 7-7-1 1.5L 1:10:25 ATLANTIC FOX   J POWELL M WALKER
12/05/2019 S NOV 1/10 57 1200 T G 8 56.5 547 5-4-1 0.8L 1:10:29 GREEN STAR   J POWELL M WALKER
14/04/2019 S NOV 4/9 57 1200 P G 2 56.0 537 1-2-4 3.5L 1:11:46 RAHEEB BP1 G BOSS M WALKER
02/04/2019 S T3 1/7 57 1000 P G 1 68.0 0.8L 1:00:55 VIVIANO BP, XNB G BOSS M WALKER
13/01/2019 S NOV 4/12 57 1200 T G 9 54.5 532 6-5-4 3.3L 1:10:76 GINGERELLA   D MOOR M WALKER
01/01/2019 S R 1/10 55 1200 P G 3 57.0 537 3-1-1 2.5L 1:12:74 FLAUNT   V DURIC M WALKER
24/12/2018 S T6 1/8 55 1000 P G 4 68.0 1.3L 1:02:22 OUR SHOWCASE XNB V DURIC M WALKER
02/12/2018 S R 2/11 55 1000 P G 7 57.0 534 8-4-2 2.5L 0:59:73 MY DREAMLINER   V DURIC M WALKER
13/11/2018 S T3 3/10 55 1000 P G 9 66.0 2.5L 1:02:04 BANGKOK BOY XNB V DURIC M WALKER
30/10/2018 S T2 1/8 55 1000 P G 6 63.0 0.1L 1:02:68 ANGEL HALO   APP R ZAWARI M WALKER

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…this year at the China Horse Club event, which is also supported by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) and will be held at Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club…
…international-standard permanent karting circuit. The Commission Internationale de Karting – Federation Internationale de Automobile (CIK-FIA), which is the specialised karting commission…
…The list was released by the Asian Racing Federation and is based on the World Thoroughbred Rankings… To view the list from the Asian Racing Federation, click this link Leading Horses in Asia…
…by beating 15 other leading apprentices from 15 other countries from the Asian Racing Federation to land the inaugural three-day Qatar Apprentice Jockey Invitation Race (QAJIR) after…
…countries (see list of participants below) which are all members of the Asian Racing Federation, Zawari will ride in three races spread over three days between February 28 and March…
…third place on 12 points. Mr Victor Hui Chun Fui, a Vice-President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and an honorable steward of the Club present…
…of racing's elite with his victory and was retired shortly after with an International Federation of Horseracing Authorities or IFHA rating of 136, on top of his other five Group 1 victories…
…that the International Grading and Race Planning Advisory Committee of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities has accorded the KrisFlyer International Sprint with an International…
…the world, seven are ARF (Asian Racing Federation) and seven aren’t. “It tells you…but now comes under the International Federation of Horeracing Authorities and is answerable…
…edition, is open to apprentice riders from the 20 member countries from the Asian Racing Federation. The maximum riding weight is 114 pounds (51.7kgs). “I’m proud and excited…
…and O’Dwyer Australia, while Price, a consultant farrier to the British Equestrian Federation was sponsored by Tallahesse Pte Ltd and JC Milton Australia. Both farriers captivated…
…approval from the top international body for racing authorities. The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), whose members include racing authorities from over…