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Horse Profile
MRA Brand Number: H161 Dam MRS. ZOFF (AUS)
Date Foaled: 05/10/2014 Owner: HKH STABLE
Rating: 41 Trainer: EVERT VAN BREUKELEN
Total: S$00.00 M$3,940.20

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
7 0 1 0 0 6

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
25/05/2019 I 5 2/9 41 1200 T H 2 58.0 483 6.8L 1:14:50 KISS ME BP, TT S ANANDAN E BREUKELEN
18/01/2019 S KS D 10/10 43 1200 T G 10 51.0 488 9-10-10 22.3L 1:10:86 GAIN ECLIPSE BP1, TT APP K NUH KY YOUNG
10/01/2019 S T2 8/8 43 1000 P G 4 61.0 22.5L 1:01:26 BUSHIDO BP SN TRK RIDER KY YOUNG
01/01/2019 S 4 12/12 44 1200 P G 5 50.0 499 6-12-12 32.2L 1:12:68 MAKKEM LAD WK, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI KY YOUNG
18/11/2018 S OP M 7/11 46 1200 T G 3 57.5 494 4-3-7 6.7L 1:11:94 I'M INCREDIBLE WK, TT R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
08/11/2018 S T3 6/6 46 1000 P G 7 59.0 13.0L 1:00:40 HELIOSPHERE   SN TRK RIDER KY YOUNG
09/09/2018 S OP M 9/10 1000 P G 3 57.5 476 10-8-9 18.4L 0:59:71 RICHEBOURG B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
19/08/2018 S OP M 11/11 1200 P G 2 57.5 482 10-10-11 14.9L 1:13:04 PADDINGTON BB R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
07/08/2018 S T3 5/6 1000 P G 5 59.0 4.4L 1:01:33 ASHHAB B SN TRK RIDER KY YOUNG
20/07/2018 S R 11/11 1000 P G 11 57.0 488 3-5-11 18.7L 0:59:98 LONHRO GOLD WK R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
10/07/2018 S T1 4/4 1000 P G 4 61.0 11.2L 1:01:00 GLENGALLON   R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
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