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Date Foaled: 12/11/2014 Owner: GOLDEN BILLION STABLE
Rating: 67 Trainer: DONNA MARIE LOGAN
Total: S$106,998.75 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
11 2 3 3 1 2

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
30/06/2019 S 4 3/13 67 1400 T G 9 57.0 498 5-4-3 0.6L 1:23:50 FILIBUSTER B, TT APP WH KOK D LOGAN
01/06/2019 S 3 2/11 67 1400 T G 6 54.0 502 4-4-2 0.8L 1:22:38 TIME LORD B, TT M KELLADY D LOGAN
05/05/2019 S 4 2/14 66 1400 T G 5 59.5 505 3-3-2 0.3L 1:22:58 SUPER SMART B, TT B THOMPSON D LOGAN
25/04/2019 S T5 5/9 66 1000 P G 1 62.0 3.3L 1:00:60 SUPER TYCOON TT B THOMPSON D LOGAN
05/04/2019 S 4 1/14 61 1400 T G 2 57.0 509 6-6-1 0.3L 1:23:93 DON DE LA VEGA B, TT B THOMPSON D LOGAN
15/03/2019 S KS C 5/14 62 1200 T G 6 55.0 505 8-7-5 2.2L 1:10:25 SIAM VIPASIRI B, TT B THOMPSON D LOGAN
03/03/2019 S KS C 3/12 62 1000 P G 11 55.0 508 9-6-3 3.0L 0:59:44 ELITE POWER B, TT B THOMPSON D LOGAN
18/01/2019 S 3 4/11 63 1000 P G 11 50.5 512 9-11-4 2.5L 0:58:82 LONHRO GOLD B, TT APP CC WONG D LOGAN
07/12/2018 S 3 3/12 63 1000 P G 3 47.5 525 1-1-3 1.3L 0:59:14 INVINCIBLE RYKER B APP R ISKANDAR KY YOUNG
27/11/2018 S T5 1/8 63 1000 P G 4 64.0 1.0L 1:00:76 MIGHTY KENNY B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
26/10/2018 S 4NP 1/12 55 1000 P G 3 56.0 516 1-1-1 3.5L 0:59:17 SUN ARES B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
24/09/2018 S T2 1/5 55 1000 P G 2 62.0 3.3L 1:00:32 BROADWAY SUCCESS B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
07/09/2018 S 4NP 5/12 56 1100 P G 4 56.0 513 4-4-5 3.3L 1:06:10 LADRONE B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
19/08/2018 S 4NP 2/11 56 1100 P G 6 54.5 509 4-3-2 8.3L 1:05:52 AUTUMN ASSAULT BB APP S SHAFRIZAL KY YOUNG
07/08/2018 S T3 4/6 56 1000 P G 6 63.0 2.9L 1:01:33 ASHHAB B R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG
17/07/2018 S T3 5/8 56 1000 P G 1 61.0 3.8L 1:02:09 LIONROCKSPIRIT   R WOODWORTH KY YOUNG

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
Golden Flame rekindled after 22 months…stamp weight finally got Golden Flame back to the winner…Stewart), Zaki stoked up Golden Flame to take a run between…
…Stakes over 1600m on, scoring by a half-length over Vitalico (Soo Khoon Beng) with Golden Flame (Mohd Zaki) a length-and-a-quarter away third. Duric had Coppa Del Mondo…
…stable made it a double when Golden Flame scored an easy victory…Ridden by Mark Gallagher, Golden Flame scored by four-and…half length away third. Golden Flame was coming back from 2200m…
…but did not seem to be able to pull away. He was actually headed at the 300m when Golden Flame (Mohd Zaki) and Conundrum (Barend Vorster) seemed to be going a shade better. …
…who crossed the field easily from his outside draw to lead out of the straight over Golden Flame (Mark Gallgher) and Kiwi Maestro (John Powell). Aspirant Eagle (Mohd Razali) who…
…before recording a one-and-a-half length victory over Kamsky (Robbie Fradd) with Golden Flame (Benny Woodworth) a further two-and-a-half lengths away third. Daring Commander…
…Bright double for Leck with Jeram Sunshine, Golden Flame Michael Lee 28/03/2008 Exciting…in the next race to saddle a double with Golden Flame (head picture above) in the $55,000…
…Friday night at Kranji when successful on Golden Flame (AUS) in the $55,000 Class 4 (1600m…Class 4 (1200m) (Sand) for HK Tan. Golden Flame wins easily for Saimee Testing Time…
…Future in Race 2 When Lim saluted on Dream True (Mar 16), Jeram Frankie (July 29) Golden Flame (Oct 19) and World Airlines just last Saturday in the Group 2 EW Barker Trophy, he…
…brought out the best in Golden Flame, a horse that had been…hitman Richard Lim steers Golden Flame to victory from Leopard…colours was 3/1 chance Golden Flame, trained by Charles Leck…
…s charge streaked away to score by just under five lengths from a fast-finishing Golden Flame (Richard Lim). By Irish Royal from Etui (x Devil’s Bag), Ninetyfive Star has…
…Hommono sprinted away without faltering to a comfortable 1 3⁄4 length victory from Golden Flame (Mark Ewe) who ran on late from the ruck. A jubilant Takaoka strode out proudly to lead…
…the pace with Ghi Beads (HK Cheng), Golden Flame (Richard Lim) and More To Win (HK Lim…length winner from Command N Control with Golden Flame a half length away third. “He got in…