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Horse Profile
MRA Brand Number: H100 Dam PANTHERA (NZ)
Date Foaled: 19/11/2014 Owner: FORTUNA NZ RACING STABLE
Rating: 34 Trainer: MARK WILLIAM WALKER
Total: S$11,160.00 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
14 0 0 3 3 8

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
15/06/2019 S M 4/10 36 1100 P G 1 49.5 496 9-8-4 2.6L 1:06:51 METAGROSS TT, VIS MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
31/05/2019 S 5 10/12 38 1600 P G 2 51.0 504 7-6-10 7.5L 1:40:13 HEPHAESTUS TT, VIS APP AB RIDUAN M WALKER
12/05/2019 S 5 3/12 38 1600 T G 6 55.0 511 1-2-3 2.3L 1:35:93 BIG REGARDS TT, VIS, SR R WOODWORTH M WALKER
21/04/2019 S M 3/11 38 1600 P G 5 50.5 499 4-3-3 0.8L 1:40:97 FLYING YELLOW BP1, TT, SR R WOODWORTH M WALKER
05/04/2019 S 5 5/14 40 1400 T G 5 56.0 497 13-12-5 4.4L 1:24:30 CLARTON PALACE TT, SR APP Y SALIM M WALKER
22/03/2019 S M 4/11 42 1200 T G 9 52.5 495 5-5-4 3.3L 1:11:04 ATLANTEAN TT, SR B THOMPSON M WALKER
17/02/2019 S M 4/7 43 1200 P G 5 51.0 489 5-5-4 4.8L 1:13:95 OVER DE TOP TT, SR B THOMPSON M WALKER
25/01/2019 S 5 3/12 43 1000 P G 2 59.0 490 10-2-3 2.1L 1:00:81 MAN OF WORDS TT, SR V DURIC M WALKER
27/12/2018 S T8 7/9 43 1000 P G 3 56.0 11.0L 1:01:78 MIGHTY PHOENIX XNB APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
07/10/2018 S 4NP 8/11 45 1000 P G 7 49.0 479 10-9-8 6.8L 1:00:00 PRINCE ALEXANDER / MAN OF MYSTERY TT, SR APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
21/09/2018 S M 6/11 47 1200 P G 8 53.5 487 10-9-6 4.4L 1:12:67 BLITZ POWER TT, SR APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
02/09/2018 S M 8/11 49 1200 P G 3 55.0 484 9-8-8 5.3L 1:13:26 WILD BEE TT, SR APP R ZAWARI M WALKER
07/08/2018 S T3 3/6 49 1000 P G 1 64.0 2.1L 1:01:33 ASHHAB SB, BP APP R ZAWARI M WALKER
27/07/2018 S R 9/12 1400 T G 4 56.0 484 10-11-9 11.0L 1:22:86 FORESTO TT, SR APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
20/07/2018 S R 7/11 1000 P G 3 56.0 492 11-10-7 7.9L 0:59:98 LONHRO GOLD TT, SR APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER
17/06/2018 S R 10/11 1000 P G 9 57.0 486 11-11-10 9.4L 1:00:11 BURKAAN   V DURIC M WALKER
05/06/2018 S T1 1/7 1000 P G 7 52.0 0.3L 1:02:05 KING COBRA XNB APP MM FIRDAUS M WALKER

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…Ronnie Brown (Stephen Baster) gets off to a perfect start on Friday. Justin Knight, spokesman for the new band of owners, said the team was ecstatic at having their first runner come…
…victory of Samurai Hornet having headed to Melbourne for the upcoming Inglis Sale. Stable spokesman Tim Fitzsimmons was quickly on the phone post-race saying Brown was delighted with the…
…With Meagher senior back home on the “farm” in Australia, son Daniel acted as stable spokesman following the win. “He’s not a 1200m horse and we told KB to get drift back but not…
…while Clint has drawn ideally in barrier three. With Brown currently away, stable spokesman Tim Fitzsimmons (pictured above) said the pair were in good order going into the race…
…galloper chalk up his fourth win from 13 starts which also include six seconds, but stable spokesman James Peters echoed the delight that would have been felt by the whole yard. “He’s…
…Meagher in England attending the Cheltenham Jumping Festival, son Daniel was left as stable spokesman describing the win of Ghozi’s as “tough”. “He was four and five deep the whole way…
…Meagher in England attending the Cheltenham Jumping Festival, son Daniel was left as stable spokesman. “He’s a tough little horse and we will one day get around to racing him in blinkers…
…Laxon is still away in New Zealand after attending the recent yearling sales and stable spokesman Shane Ellis said it was lucky the gelding has a “big boof head”. “He’s got into…
…a potential buy for Singapore but McPhee would not sell the four-year-old. Stable spokesman Graham Haddrick said Freedman explained the ins and outs of Singapore racing with the…
…an upset in Race 2 to land his maiden win at his sixth start. Matt Lewis, stable spokesman for the Gray stable, said Georgie Boy had appreciated the fast pace carved out by Excellent…
…in New Zealand with his family, senior track rider for the stable Matthew Lewis became spokesman and said the four-year-old had a bit of a future on that victory. Northern Spirit…