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MRA Brand Number: E316 Dam AUGUSTINA (NZ)
Date Foaled: 11/09/2013 Owner: MEAGHERSOON STABLE
Total: S$42,093.00 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
20 1 3 3 3 10

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
08/09/2019 S 5 8/10 46 1000 P G 10 56.0 502 9-9-8 4.9L 1:00:66 AMAZING MAN   CS CHIN D MEAGHER
16/08/2019 S 5 9/11 48 1400 T G 4 60.0 504 7-7-9 8.1L 1:23:76 BASILISK   R WOODWORTH D MEAGHER
26/07/2019 S 5 3/10 48 1200 P G 2 57.0 506 6-5-3 5.0L 1:12:23 MIKCAIPHO   APP WH KOK D MEAGHER
21/06/2019 S 5 10/11 48 1200 P G 9 58.0 500 6-6-10 6.5L 1:11:98 ATLANTEAN   APP S SHAFRIZAL D MEAGHER
19/05/2019 S 4 4/12 49 1200 P G 4 50.0 507 6-7-4 6.0L 1:11:60 BURKAAN   CS CHIN D MEAGHER
14/04/2019 S 4 4/12 49 1000 P G 11 50.0 507 7-7-4 1.4L 0:59:37 ARC TRIUMPH   CS CHIN D MEAGHER
29/03/2019 S KS D 11/12 51 1200 T G 10 58.0 507 12-12-11 10.3L 1:10:60 TRIGAMY   I SAIFUDIN D MEAGHER
21/03/2019 S T3 7/7 51 1000 P G 2 70.0 11.1L 1:01:12 GLORIA ECLIPSE   SN TRK RIDER D MEAGHER
07/03/2019 S T5 9/10 51 1000 P G 6 71.0 7.4L 1:02:24 PLATO   SN TRK RIDER D MEAGHER
15/02/2019 S KS D 7/11 53 1200 T G 11 57.0 504 3-5-7 7.4L 1:10:94 SACRED CROIX   T SEE D MEAGHER
03/02/2019 S KS D 2/11 53 1200 T G 9 57.0 506 2-2-2 5.3L 1:10:75 MR HOOPER   T SEE D MEAGHER
20/01/2019 S KS D 3/11 52 1000 P G 2 57.0 504 4-6-3 0.6L 1:00:63 JUMPIN JACK   T SEE D MEAGHER
11/01/2019 S KS D 3/12 52 1200 P G 7 57.0 501 2-3-3 2.5L 1:13:07 HERO STAR   T SEE D MEAGHER
30/11/2018 S OP M 1/9 47 1000 P G 8 57.5 507 3-2-1 0.3L 1:00:13 JK FORMIDABLE   V DURIC D MEAGHER
04/11/2018 S M 11/12 48 1100 P G 5 54.0 495 5-8-11 9.9L 1:06:16 THOMAS DE LAGO   APP T SEE D MEAGHER
12/10/2018 S M 2/11 48 1200 T G 11 54.0 509 2-2-2 3.8L 1:10:40 DAVID'S STAR   R CURATOLO D MEAGHER
14/09/2018 S KS D 4/12 48 1200 P G 2 56.5 515 1-2-4 3.5L 1:12:49 LONGHU B I SAIFUDIN D MEAGHER
31/07/2018 S T5 7/8 48 1000 P G 6 63.0 17.2L 1:02:49 HAYTHAM   I SAIFUDIN D MEAGHER
26/05/2018 S NOV 8/13 50 1200 T Y 2 55.0 510 4-4-8 9.6L 1:10:30 EYE GUY BB M KELLADY D MEAGHER
27/04/2018 S M 2/10 49 1200 P G 1 54.0 514 2-2-2 1.5L 1:13:07 DYNAMIC EAGLE   M KELLADY D MEAGHER
19/04/2018 S T1 6/7 49 1000 P G 3 64.0 3.8L 1:02:24 RAFALE P STABLE SUP D MEAGHER
05/04/2018 S T1 3/5 49 1000 P G 2 65.0 12.1L 1:01:62 CONSTANT JUSTICE B STABLE SUP D MEAGHER
04/03/2018 S OP M 9/10 1000 P G 6 57.5 521 9-9-9 13.0L 1:00:71 HYDE PARK EM O PLACAIS D MEAGHER
18/02/2018 S NOV 9/9 1200 T G 6 52.0 533 6-8-9 10.5L 1:09:90 MR COLIN EM APP CS CHIN D MEAGHER
04/02/2018 S OP M 7/10 1100 P G 9 57.5 537 8-8-7 6.7L 1:07:36 LIM'S FORCE EM I SAIFUDIN D MEAGHER
26/12/2017 S T1 6/7 1000 P G 7 65.0 10.9L 1:02:43 LIM'S ZOOM   STABLE SUP D MEAGHER
16/11/2017 S T7 5/9 1000 P G 1 68.0 10.0L 1:00:60 RAHEEB   STABLE SUP D MEAGHER
31/10/2017 S T8 7/8 1000 P G 5 65.0 13.0L 1:01:76 ZAC KASA   STABLE SUP D MEAGHER
03/10/2017 S T1 3/4 1000 P G 2 58.0 2.6L 1:01:32 SKY ROCKET   APP CS CHIN D MEAGHER

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…well with him and I’m sure he’ll give him another good ride. “Olympic Anthem looks good for the 1000m even if he’s never won on it, but he has drawn awkwardly - the second…
…but admitted to pre-race heart flutters as the moment of truth gets nearer. “He looks good, and we’re both waiting for his comeback with great trepidation,” said Dunell, who…
…who drew 11 for In Fact, looked satisfied with the number he was handed. “The draw looks good for him as we were actually hoping for an outside draw,” said the Mauritian jockey. …
…Track 2 (Polytrack), with another two laps in the pool later in the afternoon. “He looks good this morning,” said assistant-trainer Shane Ellis. “He will swim another two laps…
Forecast looks good for Powell Jonathan Wong 06/07/2014 Jockey John Powell kept up his impressive record aboard Shipping Forecast as the…
…Luck and Super Ninetyseven respectively. "They’ve been working well and everything looks good,” said Laxon, who is eyeing his third Gold Cup after previous triumphs with Raul (2004…
…Chinchon. “He had a nice little canter on the Polytrack just to open up the lungs. He looks good physically,” she said. “He will have another light canter tomorrow, and then it…
…said trainer Jane Chapple-Hyam who arrived in Singapore on Tuesday night. “He looks good and is not dehydrated by any means. “He just had a normal gentle canter on Track 4 this…
…so just to make sure there is nothing there as well, but he has trotted up fine and all looks good.” Shaw said he is pressing ahead with plans for Rocket Man to head to Hong Kong for…
…picture of confidence after seeing his star performer pulling up in great nick. “He looks good, doesn’t he?” said the Kiwi six-time Singapore champion trainer. “He has certainly…
…fresh side. “He’s won all his races on the Polytrack so far and any trip up to 1100m looks good for him.” With the rise in class on Sunday, Moreira said the lightweight the gelding…
…maybe just trot on Thursday and maybe a canter on Friday and Saturday. “His condition looks good to me.” Powerful Ruler (SG) – Brian Dean “He had a canter over two laps on the…
… Owner Fred Crabbia was on hand to see Rocket Man go through his final paces. “He looks good and all he needs is luck in running,” said Crabbia. “There is no need to strategise…
…with him and he feels in excellent shape. “His action is 100% and he feels good, looks good and we just have to keep him ticking over next week. “Everything is in order…
…bone. “We will have him x-rayed this afternoon just as a precaution. Otherwise he looks good,” he said. If there was something else from the Golden Shaheen run that came under…
…Hara. “There are plenty of young horses who are starting to come through. Future looks good.” Saimee, who has enjoyed a long and fruitful association with O’Hara, be it…
…his races, especially if we are going to step him up over a longer distance. “There looks good pace in Friday night’s race and by taking the blinkers off him he may settle better behind…
…after the flight, but that’s normal. Luckily, he’s put it back on and everything looks good.” The Godolphin pair of Balius and Diabolical (KrisFlyer), who only arrived from…
…but a lot of them were not the right horses,” said Knuckey. “When they run good it looks good, but when they run nowhere, it makes you look bad. “But my old master Colin Webster…
…run well,” Leck said of Chevron. “He has to start off somewhere and this 1200m race looks good for him. “He can then gradually step up in distance with his main aim being the Singapore…
…wonderful type and he looked good in his gallop on Sunday." "And at the price he looks good value because of the current circumstances," Shaw added.