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MRA Brand Number: E22 Dam STRETTO (NZ)
Date Foaled: 29/10/2013 Owner: MANGO STABLE
Rating: 19 Trainer: NG YUEN PENG BONNY
Total: S$5,726.25 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
26 0 0 1 1 24

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
13/04/2019 I 5 12/13 19 1400 T G 8 53.5 539 20.0L 1:25:30 BUTCH CASSIDY B, TT S SALEE B NG
02/02/2019 P 5 10/12 19 1400 T G 4 53.5 533 8.2L 1:25:10 VALBERRY B, TT HK CHENG B NG
12/01/2019 I 5 5/9 21 1600 T G 3 54.0 539 9.5L 1:37:30 HOLY THOMAS B, TT J MALLYON B NG
29/12/2018 P 5 8/11 23 1600 T Y 11 51.0 535 5.6L 1:40:20 NATURAL WATER B, TT APP H SYAFIQ B NG
23/12/2018 P 5 7/12 25 1700 T S 10 55.5 540 15.6L 1:46:50 NATURAL WATER B, TT J MALLYON B NG
17/11/2018 I 5 6/15 27 1800 T S 8 54.0 545 3.4L 1:54:00 SOON YOU THINK B, TT J MALLYON B NG
28/10/2018 P 5 12/12 29 1600 T Y 7 53.5 542 15.5L 1:39:10 TOKO B, TT Z KHAIRIL B NG
14/10/2018 I 5 9/10 30 1600 T S 2 54.5 540 12.2L 1:41:30 GOLD COAST CAPTAIN B, TT J MALLYON B NG
23/09/2018 P 5 9/11 30 1600 T Y 12 54.0 540 7.1L 1:38:20 MR CONNERY B, TT J MALLYON B NG
16/09/2018 P 5 8/12 32 1300 T H 9 55.0 542 15.8L 1:23:40 BABY POLO B, TT J MALLYON B NG
25/08/2018 I 5 6/15 34 1400 T G 3 55.5 540 9.6L 1:23:90 GOLDEN EMPIRE B, TT APP J DANIEL B NG
19/08/2018 I 5 5/10 36 1400 T G 9 55.5 547 5.8L 1:24:90 CRAZY CLUB B, TT J MALLYON B NG
29/07/2018 P 5 13/14 38 1700 T Y 10 56.5 545 8.6L 1:44:70 SONIC-X B, TT J MALLYON B NG
22/07/2018 P 5 9/12 38 1600 T G 8 55.5 546 10.7L 1:37:40 MULTIBLUE TOSCA B, TT HK CHENG B NG
23/03/2018 S 5 11/11 40 1600 T G 3 57.5 540 10-10-11 14.0L 1:39:06 KEY ON KODIAC B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
11/03/2018 S 5 7/12 42 1800 T G 7 56.5 546 3-1-7 7.4L 1:49:64 GALAXY EXPRESS B, TT V DURIC RB MARSH
01/03/2018 S T2 7/8 42 1000 P G 4 63.0 7.4L 1:02:02 URASHIMA TARO VIS, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
17/02/2018 S OP M 13/14 43 1600 T G 3 58.0 549 10-13-13 24.9L 1:35:81 BANGKOK BOY TT, VIS C GRYLLS RB MARSH
08/02/2018 S T6 5/8 43 1000 P G 8 65.0 4.4L 1:02:49 SATELLITE FIGHTER B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
26/01/2018 S OP M 7/10 45 1400 T G 3 58.0 550 7-7-7 10.4L 1:23:94 NOVA CLASSIC B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
14/01/2018 S OP M 6/13 47 1600 T Y 6 58.0 548 7-6-6 3.4L 1:36:26 MR DUJARDIN B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
09/01/2018 S T6 3/7 47 1000 P G 7 66.0 0.8L 1:02:71 SUN SCRAPER B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
26/12/2017 S T11 5/10 47 1000 P G 5 65.0 5.9L 1:02:75 LUCKY MASTER B C GRYLLS RB MARSH
01/12/2017 S OP M 4/13 42 1400 T G 2 58.0 548 4-3-4 3.4L 1:24:10 INFANTRY ECLIPSE B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
19/11/2017 S M 3/12 41 1400 T G 11 54.5 549 9-10-3 1.3L 1:23:64 PEACE WANTED B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
09/11/2017 S T6 6/9 41 1000 P G 9 65.0 5.6L 1:00:67 SATELLITE MASTER B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
24/10/2017 S T5 2/5 41 1000 P G 6 65.0 0.3L 1:02:88 DON DE LA VEGA B, TT C GRYLLS RB MARSH
25/08/2017 S IN 9/10 43 1400 T G 4 53.5 549 10-10-9 12.7L 1:23:10 FIRST LIGHT B, TT APP N ZYRUL RB MARSH
20/08/2017 S KS D 7/9 44 1600 P G 9 51.0 557 8-9-7 12.2L 1:39:38 ROAN RANGER B, TT APP N ZYRUL RB MARSH
30/07/2017 S IN 6/9 1600 T G 4 57.0 548 5-6-6 11.9L 1:36:75 REDOUBT BB, TT R SHAFIQ RB MARSH
25/07/2017 S T3 3/7 1000 P G 5 63.0 1.8L 0:59:86 KNIGHT JUDGE B, TT R SHAFIQ RB MARSH
09/07/2017 S R 12/12 1200 T G 5 57.0 558 11-12-12 17.4L 1:11:54 LIM'S REGARD TT D BEASLEY RB MARSH
18/06/2017 S IN 10/12 1200 P G 2 56.5 562 7-7-10 9.2L 1:11:17 MADE IN CHINA TT R SHAFIQ RB MARSH
08/06/2017 S T4 9/10 1000 P G 6 64.0 9.6L 1:01:00 MASTERMIND SB, TT R SHAFIQ RB MARSH
16/05/2017 S T1 2/7 1000 P G 1 62.0 0.1L 1:01:46 LIM'S REGARD TT R SHAFIQ RB MARSH

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…Kranji debut on October 9, was given high praise by Walker for having devised a battle plan pretty much all by himself, even though he has never sat on the previous four…
…easily 100m into the race. Half the battle was won there and then, with the next battle plan all about controlling the tempo of the race all the way to the wire. Which Shafiq…
…one day before my 28 th birthday. My wife will be very happy!” Chan said the battle plan from Dean was to find a good spot early, which he said he was luckily able to achieve…
…from the way those two marquee races were run, Clements has already worked out a battle plan for Sunday. “Both races didn’t suit her as she got caught up in the strong…
…ridden this way today.” Rodd paid all the credit to Laxon for hatching the new battle plan. “He was dropping from 1400m to 1200m. Laurie told me he is a Darci Brahma and…
…full flight again. That line was obviously not in Spanish Bay’s own little battle plan. Instead of yielding meekly under Affleck’s might, the game sprinter showed a…
…desired results. Drawing a lesson from that defeat, Dean had only one simple battle plan on his mind going into the $80,000 Kranji Stakes C race over 1200m: The way…
…Ambitious Dragon in 2012) and Vase (Dominant in 2013), said it was not really the battle plan to lead, but he did not let the window opportunity go to waste, especially after…
…other two, what do you do? We’ll just have to do our homework and come up with a battle plan.” Jockey Corey Brown (pictured above) was just as downcast with El Dorado Classic…
…engine inside Solitaire, as the diligent rider had internally already crafted his battle plan. One traced word for word upon trainer Shane Baertschiger’s precise instructions…
…in Sunday’s feature of the day thanks largely to trainer David Kok’s simple battle plan: If it worked in the Mile, why change a winning formula as long as the speed of…
…from Final Countdown. Winning trainer Michael Freedman was glad his pre-race battle plan has come off. “We discussed before the race that with his draw on the outside…
…Kranji Mile Michael Lee 06/10/2013 A well-orchestrated pre-race battle plan saw trainer David Kok secure his first Group success on Sunday when outsider Cash…
…straight. It was a very strong ride.” The British jockey said Burridge’s battle plan to drop back and switch off in the running in a bid to give the gelding every chance…
…gates their runners will break from, connections have another 72 hours to map out a battle plan to win the race on the track. Trainer Steven Burridge was the first to go for…
…operation back on track, and unsurprisingly two-year-olds figure prominently on his battle plan. “I currently have 17 two-year-olds and six or seven are ready to race by…
…Danny Beasley, his last-start winning partner, went into the race with a clear battle plan, go in front and let the galloper’s natural speed take care of the rest. …
…knew the horse having ridden him only once or twice in trackwork, said the initial battle plan to work home from midfield went out the window the moment the starter pushed the…
…with the belief Travertine was the best horse in the field, but had to tweak his battle plan a little when the speedmap did not go according to what his homework had suggested…
…apprentice Shafiq Rusof went into the $75,000 Class 3 (1200m) race with an interesting battle plan – replicate the style of his mountFlyingFulton’s last winning partner Olivier Placais…
…Ronnie Stewart, the rider of the Shamardal three-year-old, said he kept his battle plan simple given they had drawn marble one. “There was no point trying to mess with…
…well which will help him.” On the other hand, Saimee said he went in with a battle plan but the hard reality of facing an unbeatable running machine sank in a long way from…
…Stewart said dropping back in a rearward position was never part of the parade ring battle plan. “I discussed with Desmond before the race, and we thought the pace wouldn…
…preparation in the oil-rich emirates, which was actually the original target in the battle plan, towards the $1 million Group 1 KrisFlyer International Sprint in Singapore on…