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Horse Profile
MRA Brand Number: C339 Dam JADE AWAY (NZ)
Date Foaled: 11/11/2013 Owner: SOUL WIN STABLE
Rating: 82 Trainer: CHARLES LECK TIN HONG
Total: S$00.00 M$170,991.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
19 4 5 1 1 8

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
17/08/2019 I ES A 7/9 84 1600 T G 1 57.0 488 10.5L 1:35:50 HUSSONATOR B B PINHEIRO C LECK
07/07/2019 K MT A 11/12 84 1200 T Y 12 52.5 490 11.5L 1:09:70 TANNHAUSER B APP N VARMAH C LECK
18/11/2018 I OP 14/14 84 1400 T Y 15 57.5 480 24.4L 1:25:60 BROWCOW B R RUEVEN KF WONG
13/05/2018 K OP 1/12 77 1600 T G 13 59.0 467 3.3L 1:35:00 D'GREAT TIMING B APP KC WONG P LEE
29/04/2018 P CM A 6/13 77 1300 T G 3 55.0 468 2.1L 1:15:90 TAFFETAS B CK TAN P LEE
03/03/2018 I ES A 11/11 70 1100 T G 10 53.5 487 11.7L 1:01:80 BIG LIGHTNING B APP KC WONG P LEE
06/01/2018 I ES A 1/11 62 1600 T S 6 51.0 475 3.3L 1:39:70 Q NINE MAGIC B APP KC WONG P LEE
17/12/2017 K 4 1/12 56 1400 T G 14 57.5 468 0.8L 1:23:00 LISBOA STAR B WK YAN P LEE
25/11/2017 I 4 2/12 54 1200 T S 3 59.0 476 0.2L 1:14:80 MOZART ECLIPSE B WK YAN P LEE
18/11/2017 I 4 2/11 53 1200 T S 5 57.5 478 1.5L 1:12:30 PORSENCE B WK YAN P LEE
29/10/2017 K 4 2/12 52 1200 T Y 11 58.5 455 1.0L 1:11:00 PO'DE OURO B WK YAN P LEE
14/10/2017 I 4 2/11 50 1200 T S 2 53.5 473 0.1L 1:14:90 HENNESSY DRAGON B APP WK LEE P LEE
03/09/2017 I 4 4/15 50 1200 T S 7 55.5 464 6.6L 1:14:50 CHERISH B APP WK LEE P LEE
26/08/2017 I IN 1/6 43 1200 T G 6 55.5 475 2.3L 1:10:40 CHERISH B CK TAN P LEE
30/07/2017 P R 5/16 45 1300 T G 18 57.0 461 5.3L 1:21:20 TRIPLE ONE D'GREAT B WK YAN P LEE
01/07/2017 I R 6/11 47 1200 T Y 1 459 9.7L 1:11:94 RELAU STAR B WK YAN P LEE
25/03/2017 K OP M 2/12 47 1400 T Y 9 55.0 461 6.3L 1:25:60 DOMINATE B L SOFHAN K P HOY
26/02/2017 K PREMN 3/9 1200 T Y 5 56.5 469 1.3L 1:12:00 PANDA BOMB B L SOFHAN K P HOY
11/02/2017 I R 6/10 1200 T G 5 55.0 477 11.9L 1:12:90 D'GREAT VULTURE BB L SOFHAN K P HOY

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…echelon of the riding ranks in Sydney and Brisbane, the 22-year-old has enjoyed a whirlwind riding career that not many of his peers can boast. Besides his Brisbane champion jockey…
…tome. With a bit of luck, I hope I can ride a few winners.” Unfortunately, the whirlwind visit (he goes straight to the airport from Kranji after his last ride, Callide River…
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…she collared the leader For Your Eyes Only (Mohd Zaki) but Grand Wood Park came with a whirlwind finish to draw clear for a 3 3⁄4 length win over Urakawa Rose. Switch Doublemisty…
…before bringing the son of Testa Rossa to the outside in the straight where he produced a whirlwind finish. Maranello (Saimee Jumaat) scores an easy win on Sunday. “He’s a nice horse…
…have too much time to celebrate, though, as more work awaits back home on his amazing whirlwind tour. He flies back to Singapore early on Sunday morning to resume riding duties a few…
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…Stakes division 1 over 1200 metres. Ridden by Leong Yoon Fei, Otomodachi produced a whirlwind finish to score a comfortable three-quarter length victory over Magic Ace (Gavin McKeon…
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…driver Joe Janiak parted with A$1,250 for the castoff by Celtic Swing, it’s been a whirlwind of feature wins Down Under all the way to Royal Ascot and Japan. Australia, a country…
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