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MRA Brand Number: R260 Dam ZANETTA (NZ)
Date Foaled: 13/11/2011 Owner: CHAN CHAU VUN
Rating: 86 Trainer: RICHARD VICTOR LINES
Total: S$467,747.75 M$8,751.60

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
25 6 3 2 0 14

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
30/06/2019 I ES A 2/14 86 1600 T G 8 55.0 497 4.8L 1:35:30 ELECTRIC KING WK, TT APP WW CHEAH R LINES
12/05/2019 K MT A 5/12 87 1200 T G 2 55.0 506 4.1L 1:09:20 ATEEJ WK, TT APP WW CHEAH R LINES
14/04/2019 I ES A 9/14 89 1000 T G 2 53.5 505 10.4L 0:57:60 GRAND CROSS WK, TT APP WW CHEAH R LINES
17/03/2019 P CM A 8/9 89 1300 T G 5 54.5 507 4.9L 1:15:70 KERAUNO WK, TT APP WW CHEAH R LINES
20/11/2016 S G1 11/12 91 2200 T G 1 53.0 494 3-9-11 11.8L 2:17:42 BAHANA WK, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
30/10/2016 S G1 7/7 92 1800 T G 5 58.0 492 1-2-7 2.6L 1:50:37 DEBT COLLECTOR B, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
20/10/2016 S T2 6/7 92 1000 P G 2 58.0 6.4L 1:00:85 MR FANTASTIC B K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
18/09/2016 S G3 6/12 93 1600 T G 2 56.0 491 11-11-6 4.2L 1:35:09 TWICKENHAM TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
08/09/2016 S T3 8/9 93 1000 P G 4 58.0 8.1L 0:59:79 THE GENERAL TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
10/07/2016 S G1 7/16 94 2000 T G 1 57.0 488 16-15-7 4.4L 2:03:00 WELL DONE TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
19/06/2016 S G1 10/14 94 1600 T G 3 57.0 492 10-11-10 7.0L 1:34:90 WELL DONE B, TT M NUNES J PETERS
29/05/2016 S G2 1/16 81 1400 T G 15 57.0 493 16-14-1 2.5L 1:22:54 MY LUCKY STRIKE B, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI J PETERS
19/05/2016 S T2 9/9 81 1000 P G 3 12.4L 1:00:77 A LA VICTORY   M NUNES J PETERS
03/04/2016 S G3 2/11 78 1800 T G 7 53.0 491 10-10-2 0.2L 1:47:74 IN FACT B, TT M NUNES J PETERS
18/03/2016 S BM83 6/13 79 1600 T G 2 57.0 493 6-8-6 1.6L 1:34:56 ARES B, TT M NUNES M FREEDMAN
12/02/2016 S BM97 3/13 79 1400 T G 13 52.5 496 11-12-3 0.9L 1:22:45 A LA VICTORY B, TT K A'ISISUHAIRI M FREEDMAN
28/01/2016 S T4 2/8 79 1000 P G 5 0.3L 0:59:65 SPLENDOR TT M NUNES M FREEDMAN
13/11/2015 S G2 10/16 79 1400 T G 16 51.0 493 15-15-10 6.8L 1:21:67 GOLD RUTILE B, TT R WOODWORTH M FREEDMAN
16/10/2015 S BM83 1/9 72 1400 T G 9 52.0 495 5-6-1 2.0L 1:21:46 STRUBELI B, TT APP R SHAFIQ M FREEDMAN
01/10/2015 S T3 7/8 72 1000 P G 7 4.2L 1:00:77 WINNING CAUSE TT CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
16/08/2015 S 3 7/7 73 1800 T G 2 57.0 488 3-4-7 3.1L 1:48:45 PERFECT P TT CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
12/07/2015 S G3 7/9 73 1800 T G 5 51.5 484 3-3-7 3.7L 1:47:61 STEPITUP B, TT CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
19/06/2015 S KS C 1/9 67 1800 T G 5 56.5 494 3-2-1 0.2L 1:47:16 LAUGHING GRAVY B, TT CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
15/05/2015 S G1 5/14 67 1600 T G 7 57.0 493 8-8-5 2.7L 1:34:98 AFFLECK BB J POWELL M FREEDMAN
05/04/2015 S BM83 5/13 68 1400 T Y 10 493 7-10-5 2.9L 1:22:68 MAJESTIC MOMENTS   CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
15/02/2015 S G3 2/8 66 1400 T G 8 50.0 493 7-7-2 1.3L 1:21:51 ABSOLUTELY   M NUNES M FREEDMAN
18/01/2015 S 4 1/10 60 1200 T G 9 58.0 499 8-6-1 0.2L 1:09:87 POWERNOVA   M NUNES M FREEDMAN
02/11/2014 S 4 1/12 55 1600 T G 10 55.5 492 7-7-1 0.1L 1:35:81 IN FACT   CW BROWN M FREEDMAN
12/10/2014 S IN 1/10 0 1400 T G 10 51.5 495 6-5-1 2.0L 1:23:39 JUST NAME IT   M NUNES M FREEDMAN
21/09/2014 S R 3/11 0 1200 T Y 1 52.5 492 7-8-3 0.3L 1:10:08 PLATOON   M NUNES M FREEDMAN

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…also pleased he had picked up the ride on Titanium for trainer Michael Freedman in the Group…especially with the low handicap.” While Titanium remains an unknown quantity to Woodworth…
Back-in-trip Titanium bulletproof again Michael…Tavistock four-year-old Titanium gave trainer Michael Freedman…unflinching faith from the way Titanium (Shafiq Rizuan) initially…
…form on Friday night as, besides Winning Man ($12), he scored one race before with Titanium (see earlier report) before making it a race-to-race treble with Rockfast (x Fastnet…
…forward onto the girth of Justice World while Titanium also had a cosy run in the box-seat and…the race was Brown, at a loss to explain Titanium's lacklustre run. The Michael Freedman…
…grade and taking on Michael Freedman’s Titanium, Shaw said they would not disgrace themselves…they will meet some better horses like Titanium in that race, but it will give me an…
…not as dominant as his seven-length barrier trial win in Murray Bridge when known as Titanium Dragon, but the way he easily swept past his rivals to put two lengths on The Dodger…
…with cover behind favourite Titanium (Corey Brown) as Slew Of…the front at the 300m. Titanium, one of two three-year…were in a good spot behind Titanium three deep but with cover…
…ability from the way he scored his two barrier trials back in Australia, when known as Titanium Dragon. “I expected him to win tonight. Michael Hickmott, who also got me Solaris…
…Lim 19/06/2015 Titanium ignored the fact he was…with the only change being Titanium overtaking into second spot…competition wilted away, only Titanium stood firm and continued…
…doctors at Gleneagles Hospital inserted a titanium plate and a few screws in his collarbone…realign my collarbone and they inserted a titanium plate and six screws there. They are going…
…pronged attack by also saddling A La Victory, Titanium and Zululand, remained positive. “I am…work.” With jockey John Powell riding Titanium for the first time, Freedman is hoping…
…a few answers to smart three-year-old Titanium’s fifth place to Majestic Moments in an…Benchmark 83 race over 1400m last Sunday. “Titanium was crying out for more ground. He was in…
…winner Absolutely and smart three-year-old Titanium (they shared $17 favouritism), as well…to four lengths halfway up the straight. Titanium (Corey Brown), who had followed worse…
…an even stickier spot. Nunes was the jockey for other smart three-year-olds such as Titanium, Rathausglockel and My Lucky Strike, but none of them were in the end entered for the…
…bay, including favourite Titanium (Manoel Nunes) and Hughsy…from as Hughsy poked in and Titanium was also putting it together…by 1 1⁄4 lengths from Titanium. Hughsy stuck on well…
…promising three-year-old Titanium from the spin-off race…this Sunday instead. Titanium (Manoel Nunes) is one of…Rings Trophy on Sunday. Titanium reeled off a three-in…
…olds roll off from his regular book of rides – stablemate Jimmy Rea, Rathausglockel, Titanium and there could be more. “Yes, we have a very good crop of three-year-olds this…
…also aiming Sunday’s impressive winner Titanium and another CHC ward in A La Victory (pictured…of March. “At this stage, I may run Titanium though it’s still up in the air as I…
…Horse Club on February 22 as Titanium’s possible next start…the 300m mark, but once Titanium started to extend out his…come too late for him. Titanium (Manoel Nunes) charges…
…Freedman has a huge opinion of Titanium (outside). Never shy…particularly Sunday runner Titanium who is bidding for a hat…more wins. “I suppose Titanium would be one of the better horses…
…he recorded four placings (all on Polytrack) and was beaten by some handy sorts such as Titanium, Golden Tomahawk, Twodollarmuppet and Exceed Express. His last two outings were on turf…
…winner's circle three races later with Titanium, but not without a passage via the Stewards… Hanging in badly in the home straight, Titanium, the $13 favourite in the $60,000…
…stops, but so did Beasley, who was rewarded with a short head win for his hard toil. Titanium (Manoel Nunes) ran on for third another head away. Platoon returned $56 to his backers…