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MRA Brand Number: N655 Dam NORDEA BELLE (NZ)
Date Foaled: 25/10/2011 Owner: SINCERE RACING STABLE
Total: S$83,025.00 M$00.00

Start 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplaced
7 2 0 0 0 5

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Race/Trial Date C Cl Pl Rtg Dist T G Bar C. Wt H. Wt Running Position LBW Finish Time Winning /
Second Horse
01/02/2015 S 4 5/12 56 1100 P G 1 55.0 531 3-6-5 4.6L 1:05:65 GOLDEN CURL B, TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
21/09/2014 S 4 7/12 56 1100 P G 2 53.5 529 5-2-7 8.0L 1:05:28 GHOST B, TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
29/08/2014 S NOV 1/8 51 1000 P G 4 51.5 532 5-4-1 0.5L 1:00:82 BARNATO B, TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
03/08/2014 S R 1/12 44 1200 P G 8 53.0 528 2-1-1 0.8L 1:13:26 PLATOON BB, TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
06/07/2014 S OP 8/10 0 1200 T G 2 52.5 531 6-7-8 5.3L 1:10:98 AFFLECK TT M KELLADY S BAERTSCHIGER
08/06/2014 S R 9/12 0 1200 T G 3 51.0 526 10-9-9 5.8L 1:11:13 POWERNOVA TT APP J SEE S BAERTSCHIGER
09/05/2014 S OP 5/9 0 1000 P G 5 57.0 528 8-9-5 9.9L 0:59:39 CASTOR   M KELLADY S LAM

Bar: Barrier
C: Club
Cl: Class
C. Wt: Carried Weight
Dist: Distance
G: Track Going
H. Wt: Horse Weight
LBW: Margin From Winning Horse/ Length behind Winner
Pl: Placing
Rtg: Rating
Running Position: Running Position (Last 800-400-Finish)
T: Track
…was also rueing the one that got away, Seaswallow, who was in a striking spot in Race 5…away.” Kellady, who was also aboard Seaswallow, was just as gutted about the mishap he…
…Platoon, a three-year-old by Keeper, showed promise at his debut in July when second to Seaswallow, but did not frank that form at his next start. Platoon (Danny Beasley, in the…
…rich vein of form with his sixth winner in August. The Ipoh-born hoop saluted aboard Seaswallow, another runner from the Baertschiger yard, on Friday night, and has now collected…
Seaswallow flies the coop for back…came away with the win as Seaswallow took out the $75,000…Sincere Racing Stable. Seaswallow (Matthew Kellady) franks…
…Chin. Victorious with Seaswallow (Matthew Kellady) two…had not gone unnoticed, Seaswallow was more of a surprise…As for my first win (Seaswallow), I’ve always liked this…