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Trakus Chart
Trakus is a real time tracking system capable of automating and enhancing the collection, organization, storage and visual presentation of horse positioning data from races hosted at the Club’s racecourse. This tracking system determines the exact location of each horse throughout the entire race by using a wireless radio frequency system with small radio antennas placed around the racetrack and corresponding ultra-lightweight radio tags in each horse’s saddle-cloth.

Through the use of state of the art video enhancement technology, the Club is able to control various types of video enhancements and distribute them through numerous video channels on the horse racing channels, at the racecourse, off-course betting centers and outlets.
Animated Positional Display - “Chicklets”

The “chicklet” video enhancement creates an animated pane alongside the traditional live video of the race. In the chicklet pane, each horse is shown as a small tile
bearing the same color and number as its saddlecloth. The tiles move in real-time, showing the actual position of the horses relative to the pack. Chicklets bring instant clarity to race viewers, even when horses are difficult to see in the video due to a close pack, wide camera view, or inclement weather.

Animated Positioned Display - "Chickets"

Full-Field Running Order and Other Real-Time Graphics

This video enhancement creates a graphical overlay to traditional live video showing the running order of every horse in the field, not just the top 3 or 4. The running order is automatically updated in real time! Additional information can be displayed with each horse, such as its name, sectional timing---even its speed! Other real-time graphics such as a race progress meter help viewers follow the action.

"Chicklet" video enhancement shows the actual position of the horses

Animated Replay

The most striking video enhancement of all is 3-D animated replays. Animated replays are photo-realistic views of the race, based on the actual tracking data. The system enables the easy creation of replays featuring cuts between virtual cameras, such as a “blimp cam”, rail cam, and even a jockey cam! Plus, numerous effects can be added, such as highlighting and motion trails. The ability to entertain and inform fans between races has never been greater!

Sample of a 3D animated reply - Jockey Cam


Data on sectional timing and in-depth details on how the horses perform over the course of the race will be made available on the Singapore Turf Club website. Racing fans can also enjoy race videos with clear tracking of the horses' positions through the race.


With Trakus, racing fans not only can enjoy race videos with clear tracking of the horses positions throughout the race and the speed and sectional timing, they can also view it later to gather more information about the race to study for the horses' next assignments.