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Medical And Supplement Approval
All medications and supplements must be approved by the Singapore Turf Club's Veterinary Department before use on any of the horses at the Singapore Turf Club.

Therefore please follow the following procedure when bringing in new equine medication or supplements to the Singapore Turf Club:

1)    Print the Medication/Supplement Approval Form available at the link below
2)    Complete the form and attach any extra relevant information you may have in regards to the product
3)    Submit the form and any further information to the Veterinary Departments office or via email to Dr Koos van den Berg at
4)    Once you have received email confirmation that the product has been approved for use the product must be submitted to the Singapore Turf Clubs Veterinary departments pharmacy for labeling BEFORE it can be taken into the stables at the Singapore Turf Club.
5)    The product may either be not approved, in which case it will not be allowed into the Singapore Turf Club, or not approved pending a request for further information.

** Please DO NOT bring the medication/supplement into the club until you have received email conformation that it has been approved for use.  If it is found in a stable without pre-approval the product will be confiscated by the stipendiary stewards department.

If you have any questions regarding medication and supplements at the Singapore Turf Club please email Dr Koos van den Berg at