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Type of Tracks

Track Information

The 2,000 metres-(1¼ miles) long and 31 metres wide left-handed oval-shaped sand-based racetrack at Kranji is turfed with El-Toro Zoysia, a grass patented by the University of California and is reinforced with netlon fibres.

Extensive tests and trials have shown that El-Toro Zoysia gives an excellent cushion and is ideal for galloping. Given the high rainfall in Singapore, the track's sand base will prevent water logging and will provide a good racing surface throughout the year. An ideal camber on the home turns and a slight incline on the 400 metres home straight will make exciting finishes a regular feature.

The 1,500 metres long Polytrack is also used regularly for racing.

Training is conducted on either one of the four excellent tracks:

1,500 metres long and 25 metres wide Polytrack (Track No. 2);
1,300 metres long and 20 metres wide sand track(Track No. 3);
1,000 metres long and 10 metres wide Tapeta Track/Polytrack (Track No. 4) outside of the backstraight of the turf track and 500 metres long and 8 metres wide trotting sand track (Track No. 5) in the Infield. 

Track No 1 (StrathAyr Turf Track)

Course (Width) Length of Course
Course A : 31 metres Long Course : 2000 metres
Course B : 27 metres Short Course : 1800 metres
Course C : 23 metres
Course D : 19 metres Description of Going
Course E : 17 metres Firm - Good - Yielding - Soft - Heavy


Track No 2 (Polytrack)

Course Width : 25 metres
Length of Course : 1500 metres

Track No 3

Course Width : 20 metres
Length of Course : 1300 metres

Track No 4

Course Width : 10 metres
Length of Course : 1000 metres

Track No 5

Course Width : 8 metres
Length of Course : 500 metres
Track No 6

Course Width : 6 metres
Length of Course : 1600 metres

Track No 7 (Uphill)

Course width : 11 metres
Length of Course : 1000 meters

Fibresand Return Track
Course width : 11 metres
Length of Course : 1000 meters

Horse Trail

Course Width : 9 metres
Length of Course : 890 metres