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Stables & Training Facilities Bookmark and Share


The stables at the racecourse are provided for different stables needs.

Racing Stables
Our Racing Stables at the racecourse are fitted to high standards and have the capacity to stable over 1,600 horses.

The environment is safe and comfortable with a proportional mix of air-conditioned and naturally ventilated stables to accomodate the needs of different horses.

Resting Stables
Horses needing a short break can do so at our Resting Stables also located at the racecourse.

Our Resting Stables are naturally ventilated, have individual sand paddock to each stall and are a relaxing difference to the Racing Stables. Up to 80 horses can be accomodated at our Resting Stables.

International & Quarantine Stables
An off-site Quarantine Stables is located about 10km away from the racecourse. These Stables provide safe and effective isolation and/or quarantine for the imports and exports of horses.


There are 7 race tracks in the racecourse.

Types of Tracks
Tracks at the racecourse are used for racing and training purposes.

Track Updates
Understand how a Polytrack and Uphill Track is build.

Track Maintenance
Our Track maintenance programme for turf and polytrack, are updated monthly.

Course Records
Strathayr Turf Track and Polytrack.

Frequently Asked Questions
Fast Facts of our PolyTrackFAQs


Allows horses with variation in their weekly training schedule.

3.5 metre deep, 2.65 metre wide
Fitted with double filtration system with pre filter and sand filter, each morning and afternoon approximately 500 horses use the swimming pool to allow horses a variation in their weekly training schedule. The water pH and Chlorine level is constantly monitored to ensure good quality water for the pool.

Equine pool operating hours
Daily:6.00am - 11.00am
  1.00pm - 5.00pm