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Responsible Gambling Measures


  Responsible Gambling is a key corporate strategy endorsed by Singapore Turf Club and championed by all staff. The Club recognises the importance of putting in place practices and processes to achieve a high standard of gaming.

We design proprietary communications and related collaterals to promote the importance of playing responsibly with the "PLAY RESPONSIBLY" message featured in all communications materials and incorporated into betting tickets/coupons. Our information on games is factual and transparent and the betting gaming rules on products are make available at all times for our customers to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their gaming choices.





Responsible Gambling Awareness Week To reinforce the importance of playing responsibly, Singapore Turf Club organises a Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) annually.

RGAW is designed to heighten awareness of responsible gambling among our employees, patrons and the general public. Through outreach events, interactive awareness displays and awareness programs, we provide customers with information on safe gambling practices and referrals for assistance with gambling-related issues.


Responsible Gambling Awareness 2018

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Signs of Problem Gambling

There are a variety of signs that may indicate an individual having problem with gambling.
The signs may include:
1. Always thinking or talking about gambling.
2. Finding it difficult to stop, control or reduce gambling activities or feeling irritable when attempting to do so.
3. Gambling more to chase losses or get out of financial trouble.
4. Spending beyond one's means on gambling.
5. Feeling lost or a sense of emptiness when not gambling.
Negative Impact
Problem gambling can have a variety of negative impacts
1. On the individual.
2. Family and friends.
3. Society as a whole.
Some of these impacts may include:
For the Individual
1. Mental health problems - depression, anxiety, reduced self-worth, suicidal thoughts, increased alcohol or drug use, etc.
2. Physical health problems – insomnia, headaches, back or neck pain, stomach upset, etc.
3. Social problems – arguments, strained relationships, alienation, separation, divorce, physical or mental abuse, etc.
4. Financial problems - loss of income, inability to pay bills, increased debt, bankruptcy, etc.
For Family
1. Financial crisis - a huge financial burden is often put on the family members, sometimes leading to ongoing debt and property loss.
2. Mental and emotional health problems - such as high levels of anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, resentment, embarrassment, exhaustion  and self-doubt.
3. Verbal and physical abuse - which can lead to arguments, strained relationships, alienation, separation, divorce, loneliness and isolation.
Gambling information and support
Singapore Turf Club collaborates closely with agencies that address responsible gambling and participate actively in all public gambling forums. We engage specially trained Responsible Gambling Ambassadors (RGAs) to disseminate information on responsible gambling, as well as to refer patrons who display signs of problem gambling to available help services.
Click here to catch the action at the Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2016 roadshow at Singapore Turf Club.
Customers who realise they have a gambling problem are able to join the self exclusion programme available at all our betting premises and website.
For Self-Exclusion from Telebetting Services, please download this form.
For requests to close Telebet Accounts, please download this form.

Customers may apply online for Self-Exclusion from Telebet Services at National Council on Problem Gambling's online portal by following this link.
Customers who wish to seek additional help on problem gambling are encouraged to contact the National Council on Problem Gambling hotline at 1800-6-668-668.
If you suspect you or a loved one may have a gambling problem, take a short online test​ to assess your risk profile.
You can find out more information on responsible gambling at