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Summary of ITQ Bids
Published Date ITQ Ref No. Description
24/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0057 Supply and Delivery of Soft Drinks and Juices to Singapore Turf Club for a Period of One Year
22/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0063 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Ceiling Mounted Surgical Light Including Removal and Disposal of the Existing Unit
21/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0040 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Avigilon High Performance Remote Monitoring Workstation
20/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0051 Supply, Delivery and Replacement of Underground Sub-Main Cable for Waste Water Ejector Pump at Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre
17/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0060 Supply and Delivery of Clear Plastic Urine Bottles with Security Seal Cap
13/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0044 Provision of Trumpeter Services for Featured Racedays for a Period of Three Years
07/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0027 Supply and Delivery of One Unit of Dishwashing Machine for Singapore Turf Club
07/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0024 Supply and Delivery of Beverages & Pantry Supplies for a Period of Two Years
07/03/2017 OITQ 2017/0046 Supply and Delivery of Custom-Made Mascot Plush Toys for Singapore Turf Club
22/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0015 Replacement of Rubber Flooring and Wall at Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre
17/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0014 Supply and Delivery of Mobile Handy Sprayer
15/02/2017 OITQ 2016/0215 Provision of Spray Painting Work to Olympic Rings, Associated Structures and Chemicial Cleaning of Toilets at Singapore Turf Club Riding Center (STCRC)