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Summary of ITQ Bids
Published Date ITQ Ref No. Description
22/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0025 Supply and Delivery of Columns
22/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0015 Replacement of Rubber Flooring and Wall at Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre
21/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0030 Provision of Staff Sharing Sessions for Singapore Turf Club
20/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0002 Provision of Services for Social Media Media Buy for a Period of One Year with Option for Additional One Year
20/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0037 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Two Workstations for Photo Finish System
20/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0031 Provision of Fungus Treatment and Paintwork to the Existing Ceiling Board at Block 115 in Singapore Turf Club
17/02/2017 OITQ 2016/0212 Supply and Delivery of Custom-Made Corporate Gifts for Singapore Turf Club
17/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0014 Supply and Delivery of Mobile Handy Sprayer
16/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0016 Supply, Delivery and Replacement of Air-con Units for Singapore Equine Quarantine Station
15/02/2017 OITQ 2016/0215 Provision of Spray Painting Work to Olympic Rings, Associated Structures and Chemicial Cleaning of Toilets at Singapore Turf Club Riding Center (STCRC)
13/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0023 Supply and Delivery of Reagents for a Sodium Analyzer
09/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0017 Supply and Delivery of Track Utility Vehicle
08/02/2017 OITQ 2017/0013 Upgrading, Servicing, Testing & Commissioning of Time Shift Box Servers at Holland Drive Betting Outlet
19/01/2017 OITQ 2017/0003 Provision of Satellite Downlink Services for Dubai World Cup Meeting at Singapore Racecourse on 25 March 2017
30/12/2016 OITQ 2016/0196 Provision of One Channel Satellite Downlink Services for Malaysia Races at Singapore Racecourse for a Period of One Year with Option for Additional One Year