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ITQ Award
Published Date ITQ Ref No. Addendum/
21/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0024 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing and Commissioning of Sound Reinforcement System for Wine Lounge at Singapore Turf Club
20/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0013 Provision of Maintenance Services for Avaya Office Private Branch eXchange (PBX) for a Period of Two Years
17/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0027 Supply and Delivery of Geo-composite
12/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0006 Supply and Delivery of Sterile Syringe Tip Caps for a Period of Two Years
11/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0007 Supply and Delivery of Professional Broadcast Monitor and Accessories
11/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0017 Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Broadcast Non-Linear Editing System (NLE)
11/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0008 Supply and Delivery of Camera Tripod
10/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0016 Supply and Delivery of Digital Disk Recorder/Player
06/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0009 Supply, Delivery, Testing and Commissioning of 4 Multi-Channel HD/SD Recorder
04/02/2020 OITQ 2019/0189 Supply and Delivery of Professional Disc Drive Units
04/02/2020 OITQ 2020/0001 Supply and Delivery of Bar-ware and Related Products
04/02/2020 OITQ 2019/0191 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Batteries for 400KVA Trinergy UPS at Kranji Racecourse
03/02/2020 OITQ 2019/0170 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of a Multi-mode Well-Plate Plate Spectrometric Reader
03/02/2020 OITQ 2019/0179 Supply and Delivery of Business Cards for a Period of Two Years
31/01/2020 OITQ 2020/0003 Provision of Facilitation Services for Singapore Turf Club's Profiling Sessions
23/01/2020 OITQ 2020/0002 Supply and Delivery of Geo-composite