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Invitation To Quote (ITQ)
Published Date  ITQ Ref No. DescriptionProduct/ServicesClosing Date/Time
20/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0075 Supply and Delivery of Zoysia El-toro Sand Base Sod to Singapore Turf ClubOS-Tracks & Turf Irrigation27/03/2018 02:00 PM
16/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0078 Supply, Delivery and Replacement of Air Conditioner Units for Two Locations (Block 111 and 112) at Singapore Turf ClubOS-M&E Svcs/ Prod23/03/2018 02:00 PM
16/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0077 Provision of English Racing Presenter for Singapore Race Days, Pre-Race Program "Tracktalk" and "Winning Workouts" for a Period of One Year with Option for Additional One YearA&FS - Supply of Manpower Svcs23/03/2018 02:00 PM
15/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0076 Provision of Chauffeured-driven Car Service for a Period of Two YearsA&FS-Transportation, Towing Svcs & Logistics22/03/2018 02:00 PM
15/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0065 Supply and Delivery of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices to Singapore Turf Club for a Period of One YearA&FS-Food & Beverages22/03/2018 02:00 PM
14/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0072 Provision of Local and Overseas Courier Services for a Period of Three YearsA&FS-Transportation, Towing Svcs & Logistics21/03/2018 02:00 PM
14/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0017 Provision of Pre Employment Medical Check-Up Services for Employees and New Hires for a Period of Three YearsA&FS-Misc Prod & Svcs21/03/2018 02:00 PM
07/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0068 Replacement of Potable Water Transfer System for Singapore Turf ClubOS-Water & Pump21/03/2018 02:00 PM
06/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0059 Fabrication, Supply and Installation of New Partition and Divider at Owners' Lounge for Singapore Turf ClubA&FS-Furniture & Fittings, signages, decoration &20/03/2018 02:00 PM
06/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0063 Renovation Works to Toilets and Pantry Area for Singapore Turf ClubA&FS-Building Services/ Renovation, A&A Works20/03/2018 02:00 PM
06/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0045 Supply, Delivery and Installation of 2 unit Horse Weighing Scales including Disposal of existing units at Singapore Turf ClubOS-M&E Svcs/ Prod20/03/2018 02:00 PM
06/03/2018 OITQ 2018/0042 Term Contract to Provide Adaption Work, Supply, Fabrication, Installation and Dismantling of Banners for Festive and Special Events for a Period of One Year with Option for Additional One YearA&FS-Furniture & Fittings, signages, decoration &21/03/2018 02:00 PM